Face to face with Glass Caves

Glass Caves

Glass Caves’ blistering talent shines as bright as the sun on the UK music scene. The band have recently released their debut album ‘Alive’, which will definitely make you come alive after you’ve listened to it – so good and vibrant it is. Rock Britain chat to the band’s own Matt about ‘Alive’, best albums and playing a gig on the Moon.

– Now when your debut album ‘Alive’ has been out for a while, how does it feel looking back at the day of its release and actually realising that your debut LP is out?

– It’s mental for us looking back as a band already and realising we released a product that we’re proud of and that is fully self-funded through playing music. Not many bands can achieve such feat. It’s a day that goes down in Glass Caves history…

– What was the most memorable thing during the process of work at ‘Alive’?

– The most memorable thing was getting the finished product in our hands before release and thinking we did all that ourselves and it looks/sounds sweet! And of course having a cracking time with producer Rich Turvey and his luscious locks.

– While choosing the songs for ‘Alive’ from all of the tracks you’d written, what were your main principles and criteria for making song choices?

– The album is called Alive so we sort of wanted to pick the songs that most encapsulated the ups and downs of life and our own experiences whilst writing the album. And obviously the songs which had the best basslines took priority…

– ‘Alive’ takes inspiration from life. And what was the most unusual thing that’s ever inspired you to write a song?

– We once wrote a song about a patch cable. ‘A small white cable connecting pedals to pedals…’

– You’re very busy touring these days. While playing live, what do you want people to take away from your live shows?

– We want people to take away that we’re 4 guys who love music and just wanna make music for everyone to enjoy and have the time of their lives listening to.

– Some of your shows in September and October were sold out. How does it feel to learn that your gig is sold out?

– Looking back to the very early days of Glass Caves seeing 5-10 family members sporadically positioned in a tiny room compared to packed out venues now full of people singing our tracks back… feels much nicer.

– What’s your dream venue/city/country to perform at where you haven’t done so yet?

– We’ve had this discussion a few times and a venue we really want to play is Red Rocks. As for country would love to play Tokyo but a country/continent we’d most love to tour is USA. You probably only wanted one but there you go.

– What’s your absolute top 5 of your favourite albums?

– To name a few…
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
Coldplay – Parachutes
The Strokes – First Impressions of earth
Police – Regatta de Blanc
Kings of Leon – Because of the times

– What’s your favourite atmosphere for listening to music?

– A dark room at night when all your senses are inhibited and you can really focus on the intricacy of the music OR in the tour van being blasted out travelling around the country

– What do you want to be remembered for in 70-years time?

– Being the oldest band to do a comeback gig… headlining Glastonbury on the moon.

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