Getting to know /// Pistolhead


Pistolhead are the kind of band which you wish you had more of around: they have ultimate desire to make really good, unique music and they actually succeed in it. Rock Britain talks to Daniel Bateman to get to know Pistolhead a bit closer and we have learnt an important thing: believe in Pistolhead! 

– First of all, what was the beginning of Pistolhead?

– I guess it started about 7 years ago when I took on a challenge from Paul Brighton to put some lyrics and vocals to a couple of pieces of music he’d been working on. The results, although not on this current album where really impressive and I think the vibe from working together carried on in the background of our minds while we busied ourselves with other musical projects. This time round we had no intention of being sidetracked by other projects and before we knew it we had an albums worth of material to sort through.

– While making music, what is your main philosophy that you always stick to?

– The main philosophy when creating, for me is to know my voice and be clear on my subject matter, make certain my theme fits to the music. Sticking to that has paid off pretty well so far.

– Your track ‘Moon’ is an absolutely magnetic piece of music. How was it born?

– Thanks, it’s a favourite of mine. Well largely it was born by sticking to that philosophy I mentioned earlier. By allowing the music to do what it wants with your imagination, letting it conjure up images and themes for itself and then filtering that information into written form lyrically. As for the melody I sing? It’s impossible to fully explain where that comes from as I don’t really know either. A melody comes out of no where and often comes at the most bizarre of moments. It always needs tweeking and words need fitting around it but when it comes together it really works!

– Have you got any favourite atmosphere for writing music? And for listening to music?

– For writing as for listening it can be anytime anywhere. It’s spontaneous and comes when it comes.

– Your record ‘This Is Not A Dance, This Is A War’ is all ready. What is the story behind  this record? What can your listeners expect from it?

– The record is part social commentary, part protest sitting alongside themes of love, loss, fear and personal isolation. It’s the human condition surrounded by this modern world of ours struggling to make sense of it all and survive. It’s a blend of dream and reality and a blurring of those lines too. I think both the vocal and musical suggestions work perfectly together in that realm. Going from industrial horror to sweet subtle guitar melodies, to simple light touch piano back to hard drums and noise. That’s life right?

– There’s the first issue of your Pistolcast on Soundcloud where you talk about a lot of different things and introduce a lot of great bands. What prompted you to start this podcast?

– It’s just another way to communicate ideas and also a great way to both explore and promote new music (not just our own). We are firm believers that if bands, musicians, artists all work together, helping each other, sharing each others work etc we can achieve some great things. The Pistolcasts are our way of doing that. Plus they’re great fun to do. 

– What’s your biggest plan concerning Pistolhead?

– At this moment in time it is to put together a great live set. Rehearsals are going extremely well and we’re really encouraged about the transitions between computer generated sounds and live guitars and drums etc. The sound we’re creating in the studio is extraordinary and so working on how to present that is where we are right now. Personally I just want Pistolhead to be playing live a lot and recording a lot…simple. Oh yeah and rock stardom of course!!

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