In their words /// The Step ‘Gravity’ [EP] 2014


Introduction (STE)

We really wanted to record this EP, we wanted people to listen to more of our music after so many people sent us compliments on twitter about our song “Let It Go Friends”, we knew that song was like an overture but we were playing a live show with other nice songs and we just wanted our followers to listen to them the right way. We try to keep the sound simple, and let our emotions influence our playing and our song writing, so basically by listening to more then one song you can get all the different sides of what we want to say.

Recordings in studio (OLI)

The Studio experiences are always amazing but for this EP it has been amazingly special. It’s like carving a sculpture in the marble. When you start you only have this huge stone made of ideas about sound, structures, gears, feelings…But when you finally put the headphones on and the engineer starts to record, the hammer and the chisel starts to outline what’s in your mind. It’s awesome. Note by note. String by string. Voice after voice. Everyday you think about the sound, the guitar, you know what you want but you have to find the right way to take it out from you heart and your brain. So you spend hours and days thinking about the right setting of your amp, the right guitar, the right pickups….It was one of the greatest recording sessions I ever did. Everything was in its right place since we started. 12 hours a day gone like if they were 10 minutes. G O R G E O U S !

Art cover story (STE)

The art-cover is something special for us, we were wondering about the name of the EP and Oli wanted that to be called “Gravity” after his favourite song. One night I just woke up  at two o’clock with an image of two hands, the first was trying to reach an apple, the second was trying to keep the other from reaching it, and I just went mad about it, I took a notebook and I tried to draw that image (poorly tried). The meaning was clear for us, we were the first hand trying to reach the apple, which represent our desire to reach our goal, our dream, something tasty we wanted so bad. The other hand was our past, the lives we lived till coming to London, our country, our jobs, everything that has always kept away from reaching our apple. It made sense for us. We prayed a friend of us to take that picture for us, that day that idea just didn’t work as a real picture, they managed to shoot two hands, almost in silhouette, both trying to reach the apple, one from the top, one from the bottom, the apple in the centre “floating” like without gravity… it was so positive and intimate, we just smile and said “now it makes even more sense!”

Songs and style (OLI)

It’s hard to talk about our songs and even worst about our style. We grow up from the Brit Pop for sure. We have consumed 90’s CD’s but also the most and everlasting classics as the Beatles. You can feel it in every song. Starting from Gallagher’s to the Blur, from Coldplay to the Verve, but being Italian we also have the Italian musical background in our veins, in our DNA.

It’s a magical (mystery) mix, we could call it “Britalian” song writing.

When you start to listen the EP it seem to be a simple “song writing” but if you really focus on it you realize straight away that it’s completely the opposite.

Noel Gallagher use to say that the greatness of band like The Smiths, The Who, The Beatles, was in make it appear simple things that in the reality are difficult, first example that pops in my mind is “Hey Jude”. Seriously. Do you think that Hey Jude is an easy song? I don’t think so…and I am not only talking about the feelings and the emotions of that song. I am talking about the Structure, the harmonic transition.

I am not saying that the Step is like that band I just talked about Come on! We can’t even pretend to have the arrogance to raise us to these Gods! God forbid! But we are talking about styles, songs and inspirations.

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