In their words /// Mark Mathews on ‘Someone’

Mark Mathews
I wrote, Someone a long time ago back when I was living in Maidstone. A bunch of us back then, used to go round my mates and jam in his garage and have a drink and a smoke.  It was after one of these sessions, when I was walking home at night, that I had an idea for a lyric. I kept it in my head till I got home and then jammed around on the guitar. It was all written very quickly.
The next day I recorded it on an old Tascam 4-track tape recorder (how I used to demo all my songs) and the lead guitar part came really quickly again. I love the simplicity of the guitar lick and how it really lifts the songs positivity. The bass parts and harmonies came later on.
Fast forward a few years and I was playing it out live and then I made a few recordings of it in various studios. I remember recording it once in an old Barn house in the middle of the Kent Countryside and it was there that some of the piano parts were written. However, I was never really happy with any of the recordings, as they never really captured the tone and feel of the song correctly. I think from playing the song so often live, it moulded and improved over time, so as when I came to record it this time I was able to do it correctly. It was the same story with London Lives as well.
For me, it is one of my more accomplished songs, musically, lyrically and performance wise. I think a lot of this comes down to knowing the song so well after all these years. What I really love about it though, is the positive feel both the lyrics and the music has. I think the way it builds and hits this uplifting crescendo is only mirrored by my song, Dust on my previous EP, Moments and Movements.

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