In their words /// Talking Candy on ‘Suicide’ [EP] 2014

Talking Candy

Feel So Good: This was the last song I wrote for the EP. I felt like I needed a more ‘uplifting’ track but it arguably turned out more melancholy than the others. I was listening to a lot of Spacemen 3 around that time, and I think you can hear their influence on the track.

Here She Comes Again: This track is almost 5 years old yet this is the first time I’ve recorded it. The song was originally written about “Warhol Superstar” Edie Sedgwick, but it can be reinterpreted to be about an obsession or an addiction.

Don’t Say: ‘Don’t Say’ was written with the intention of blending the Velvet Underground’s more melodic side with the JAMC’s harsh guitar feedback. There’s even a Doo-Wop influence on the chorus, so it’s probably my favourite track from the EP.

by Dan Stringer


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