Featured album /// The Mirror Trap ‘Silent Men’ [EP] 2015

The Mirror Trap

The Mirror Trap have this rare sound that sends shivers of excitement down your spine and makes you feel ecstatic to the point of being completely overwhelmed with emotions. Each of their releases is an ultimate music experience of its own that can’t fail to impress you. The Mirror Trap’s newest EP ‘Silent Men’ is a great addition to their music catalogue.

Released in February 2015, ‘Silent Men’ embraces both – the older and the newer sound of The Mirror Trap. Slightly different from their album selves ‘Killing Time’ and ‘American Dreams’ give you a taste of the band’s sophomore LP ‘Stay Young’ while ‘Little Ease’, ‘Silent Men’ and ‘Afterdark’ are new offerings and present The Mirror Trap as they are now.

The EP storms directly in your face with the opener ‘Little Ease’ which reminds of the craziest rollercoaster with its going up and down at an extreme speed. The song’s thunderous character will make your head go dizzy and this is the kind of dizzy you’re definitely going to enjoy. ‘Killing Time’ reflects the band’s mellower side while title track ‘Silent Men’ is the enigma and the complex music affair unfolding right in front of you. I love this track for its shifting nature and the devastated sense of sadness tingled with dangerous, creepy undertones that can be heard between the lines. Calmer passages mount to roaring explosions that slide back into the more tranquil route again – the interlacing which takes your breath away. Slightly brooding ‘Afterdark’ rocks and rolls in the best manner with prominent guitars, regular rhythm, massive chorus and ‘American Dreams’ closes the EP with a two-plus-minute blast that has been well-known since ‘Stay Young’ the LP.

What makes The Mirror Trap so different from a lot of bands out there is their attitude. You can hear heart and soul poured in every line, as well as incredible passion and love for making music sparkling so bright that they’re hard to miss. The band cover a range of topics from politics and social issues to love and life matters and do so in a very intelligent, witty manner which is another reason why you should listen to them.

‘Silent Men’ EP is a worthy addition to the music libraries of those who like rock music with charisma. Besides, it’s a good collection of songs to feast on while we’re waiting for another full-length from the talented Dundee collective.

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