Featured album /// The Vaccines ‘English Graffiti’ [LP] 2015

The Vaccines

How many albums that pour their passion and fun on listeners in overly generous doses do you have in your collection? Not so many, I guess, as while there are a lot of truly great records, not all of them pursue the goal to be fun and spontaneous. When The Vaccines embarked on writing their third album, they wanted to step away from their usual routine and make things differently this third time. The results of their music experiment can be heard on the band’s latest record ‘English Graffiti’.

The name ‘English Graffiti’ perfectly reflects the nature of the music on the album. As brisk, bright and bold as graffiti is, the record is pure pushing the boundaries and treading new territories which is a challenge to both – The Vaccines and their listeners. The sonic graffiti The Vaccines have painted has a diverse structure, splashes of colour mixed with black & white melancholy and a truly genuine English character.

Dance, upbeat motives of ‘Handsome’, ‘Radio Bikini’ or ’20/20′ set the mood and resemble warm May when the record graced our ears. Mellow, brooding ‘Want You So Bad’ and ‘Maybe I Could Hold You’ add a tint of romantic sadness to predominantly zestful vibes. Huge riffs and boldness of ‘Dream Lover’ are the hammer of the album and instrumental ‘Undercover’ closes the whole affair in an unexpectedly theatrical manner. Storm of applause. Curtain calls. Repeat.

However light on the ear ‘English Graffiti’ can seem, its laid-back sonic garment is a disguise for rather serious life topics the band touch upon in the songs. Carefree on the outside while serious on the inside – that’s what The Vaccines are and what they want to say with ‘English Graffiti’.

As explained by lead singer and guitarist Justin Young in various interviews, with this record he wanted to capture the present and to create the sound of 2015. Though it’s up to you alone to decide if this record reflects your 2015, it’s clear as daylight that what it does capture is fun and passion the band radiated while making ‘English Graffiti’.

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