Face to face with Drifting Sun

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Gorgeous piano, breathtaking instrumentation, rock backbone and passionate, emotional vocals build the essence of Drifting Sun’s unmissable sound. It’s beautiful as well as atmospheric and impressive. The band released their latest album ‘Trip the Life Fantastic’ in January 2015 and are now preparing more music enjoyment for your ears. Want to learn more? Then have a read of my chat with Drifting Sun’s founder and moving force Pat Sanders.

– The beginning of 2015 saw the release of your album ‘Trip the Life Fantastic’. How did this record come to life?

– I draw inspiration mostly from things that happen in my life, or sometimes just let my mood dictate what will come out that can be used for a song. I just sit down, usually at the piano, jam along and see what happens. That’s how the tracks for ‘Trip’ were written!

– The album sounds very beautiful. What kind of atmosphere do you like creating most of all for writing such beautiful music? 

– Again, it depends on my mood at the time; some tunes have a positive feel to them, some can be quite dark at times.

– There are some new pieces of music under the name ‘Piano Works’ at your Bandcamp. How were these beauties born?

– Sometimes I write short pieces that work best on the piano alone, I want to compile them in an album of just me playing (I hope this doesn’t sound too egotistic!), so there will be more to come in the future… watch this space!

– You took quite a long break from making music. How did it feel coming back to writing and recording it?

– It was hard graft at first! I’d been away from the music business for so long, things had changed a lot in terms of how music is made and presented to the people, but also in how the industry now works. Now, it feels just like in the good old days: excited about creating new music and seeing it taking shape, then struggling to get it heard!

– During your break from music, what was the thing that you missed most of all about it?

– Definitely the creative part of it; I didn’t really do much writing or performing during that time, and that was always on the back of my mind, so I’m glad I’ve got back into the swing of things.

– I can perfectly picture your music sounding somewhere in a theatre as a soundtrack to some performance. Would you like to hear your music played in a theatre? What kind of a performance would you like it to accompany?

– I’d like to hear my music played everywhere! Yes, I can imagine some of our more atmospheric tunes, such as Five Ever or Sunsets from the last album, being performed in a theatrical performance, possibly grafted on to a story.

– If you could choose any unusual place or venue to play at, where would you hold a gig?

– Well, I played in an outdoor festival once that took place on top of a mountain, and that was a pretty cool experience I would love to repeat!

– What are your plans for the summer 2015?

– We are currently recording the next album. There are a few surprises, I’d like to say more but that’d spoil it! Let’s just say our Summer (and beyond) will be spent mostly in the studio crafting the new tunes.

– What’s your favourite quote from a musician?

– Not sure about quotes from musicians, but I heard this beautiful line about Mozart once which has stuck with me for many years. It goes something like this:

“The silence that follows a piece of music by Mozart was also written by him.”

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