Track by track /// Stealing Signs ‘Hide and Seek’ [EP] 2015

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They put character and charisma in their music and make it fun! July 13 sees the release of Stealing Signs’ EP ‘Hide and Seek’ and if you were thinking of getting your hands on some cool new music, it’s a perfect record to make an addition to your collection. Read on to the band’s stories on each track on the EP and mark July 13 in your calendar. 

When I Get Out Of Here 

Its hard to talk about your own songs without sounding a bit like a twat but here I go anywayThe song is an opener for the EP and so we wanted it to hit hard. With that in mind, this is a tune that spawned from an opening riff idea. We like to play energetic stomping tunes that are themed around a simple hook. ‘When I Get Out Of Here’ has only got two parts at the barebones of the song. We mess around with the two parts and represent them in different ways each time we play them. The result is a twisting set of tight sequences that are grounded by their underlying themes. We knew that the song had to grow and grow if it was going to be any good. At the end of the song we let the song crescendo. Lots of song writing contains a build up of pressure during the verses and a release in the choruses. We hold back in this tune and only release right at the very end. Its a big fat release.

Hide and Seek

‘Hide and Seek’ is the first song that we wrote together. I had written the structure and had a pretty good idea about where I wanted it to go. When we played it together it just worked instantly. We instinctively plotted our parts out in some weird subconscious synergy. It was like doing a secret handshake with someone that you hadnt taught it to. This was a huge confidence booster. If nothing else, we knew that we could write a song together. The more weve played it the more weve relaxed into the song. We didnt deliberate too much about what should be our first single. Its the first thing we created together and therefore it only seemed right that it would be the first tune we put out. The song pretty much sums up the band. We like to make upbeat catchy tunes that have a sense of positivity about them.

Were really excited to have the track come out and to premier the video. Some awesome chaps that go by the name of JUNK TV (Stephen Donimey and Paul Cooper) did a bloody great job on the Music Video for ‘Hide and Seek’. We like doing all that stuff. Steve and Paul were very patient with us and calmed us down when it came to actually committing something to film. 

No One Said Enough      

This is unlike any other tune in our arsenal. It starts with a sense of melancholy before quickly becoming one of the biggest songs we have written to date. It plays with moody movements that are interspersed with moments of melodic lightness. Big bits and small bits and middle bits. Energy mixed with calm. I sounds like it wouldnt work but I think it does. We like to be dynamic in all of our songs. I personally hate it when a band plays a set that stays on one level and keeps to one tempo. Were very mindful our songs ability to sit well together in a set list or on an EP. At the end of the day, this is all we are. We are a set of songs. Bands that get too caught up with everything else around being in a group are wasting their time in my opinion. Funnily enough, that is what ‘No One Said Enough’ is about. Lyrically, it is about trying not to waste time on unimportant things.

All three tracks seem to go down really well at shows. Weve never been happier with a set of songs.           

‘Hide and Seek’ EP is out July 13.

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