In their words /// Against Habit on ‘Complicated Date’

against habit

Against Habit offer an impressive music experience with their debut single ‘Complicated Date’. Sinister synth pop arrangements with angelic female vocals will be enough to send your head spinning. Here’s their story.

It takes a whole lot of strength to keep pushing. We’ve been at this for almost 3 years and we would be totally lying if we said it was easy. We know that we have a long road ahead of us, but we always have each other for support and motivation. We will get there!

We met at Nandos in 2012, and it feels like a million years ago. We were all so nervous, it was like going on a blind date!  We were laughing hysterically within minutes over a joke about Sarah’s empty diary (you had to be there)… We ate lots of chicken and spoke about our musical influences… and as corny as it sounds, we really did just ‘click’.  Since then we have lived side by side, writing, in the studio, knocking on doors begging people to listen to our tracks…  Sometimes we are so wrapped up in where we ‘want’ to be.. That we forget to take in where we actually are now, and how far we’ve come.

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