Featured song /// Foals ‘What Went Down’ [Single] 2015


Eerie and unearthly have always been the second names of the music Foals make. Three albums in and their art of surreal music soundscapes has reached its top with the hint at even greater depth of the band’s talent and  more out-of-this world melodies in the pipeline. When, quite unexpectedly, Foals announced the release of their fourth effort ‘What Went Down’ and treated everyone to a single of the same name, they made their intentions pretty clear: world domination.

‘What Went Down’ the single starts off peacefully, but it’s misleading in the most astonishing manner. Gathering up the beat and the pace during the verses, the song gets marked by proportionally scattered menacing injections of ominous guitars backed up by the outrage of the rhythm section, explodes during the choruses and reaches its total frenzy at the very end when things get totally out of control. Yannis Philippakis’s expressive vocals follow the same pattern as the melody does and fall in ecstatic unison with all the sonic intricacies. Here the eerie meets the heavy and these opposites complement each other, brewing a great mix. Such superpowers unleashed in the course of just five minutes are enough to make you fall in love with the track and put it on shamelessly huge number of repeats.

Album ‘What Went Down’ is to be released at the very end of August, but this first taste of things to come is more than just delicious. Are you excited about end of the summer as much as I am?

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Album ‘What Went Down’ is out on 28 August.


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