In their words /// India Mill on ‘In Motion’

India Mill

There’s something perfectly British about India Mill’s new track ‘In Motion’. The song is driven by relentless energy and beautiful melody which together make it an affair extraordinary and catchy. India Mill’s vocalist and bass player Alistair Smith tells the story of ‘In Motion’.

‘In Motion’ came to me at a very strange time in life when I was living on my own, having moved back into the house where I grew up.

When I wasn’t busy wondering how I’d suddenly become Norman Bates, I was playing a lot of guitar/piano and just generally coming out with songs. In Motion was one of the better ones as I could immediately feel that it had a good groove and melodic potential; They tend to be the two things that are most important when writing with a band, and when I took it to the band the next night, we instantly knew where to go with it and after some time it then became a mainstay in our set.

Once we came to record it, we had quite a good idea of how to present it, as did our producer Mark Jones. We wanted the Travelling Wilburys sound that Jeff Lynne created, as I very much had Roy Orbison in my head in the writing of it, so felt that I’d like to honour that, and luckily, the rest of the band agreed.

We layered up a load of acoustics for the rhythm part, doing about six takes on a Martin D-28 for the big bass, and another six with a Martin M-36, which for all you trainspotters out there is quite an odd model but a veritable cannon which added a more trebly voice to this particular ‘guitar-choir’.

Later in production, Mark was playing the song to his friend Ged Lynch who’s a fine drummer who has worked with some serious heavyweights, and he recommended a Jim Keltner style sound on the drums. I don’t think Mark was as aware of Jim Keltner’s work as we were, but when he relayed Ged’s comments we jumped for it and as a result, we’re all chuffed with how Dean’s drums sound, and how the song sounds as a whole.

Our guitarist, Si, has various personalities at work in his playing, but this is one of his most melodic moments and he’s had a lot of melodic moments.

We’re all quite happy with ‘In Motion’. As with all things in life, you look at your own individual performances and slap yourself for not thinking of X,Y and Z, but it always goes down well at gigs and it’s tended to fare favourably in terms of the feedback that we’ve had on the album, so job done really.

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