Track by track /// Red House Glory ‘Heart of Gold’ [EP] 2015


Red House Glory’s breed of rock music boasts the combination of melody and rawness, power and feelings. They mix the components skillfully in various proportions, laden the cocktail with emotive filling and serve it in the form of fiery, memorable tracks spiced up with attitude. Red House Glory’s latest EP ‘Heart of Gold’ landed at the end of June and caused a bit of a stir on the scene. In their write-up Red House Glory guide you through ‘Heart of Gold’ and  tell you a bit about its predecessor ‘Living a Lie’.

‘Living a Lie’ EP conceptually touched on the constant battle with our inner demons and the implications it can have on the way we live our lives. This was also the aim with the artwork, Joe McCrae designed both EP covers with an understanding of the EP concepts.

‘Heart of Gold’ EP is about coming to terms with your own mind and the battle with your inner self/demons – in turn allowing yourself to be happy with who/what you are. As a result of that self acceptance, a lot of the lyrics explore the process of letting someone else in and the comfort you can find within that.

‘So Easy’ – This track was a really exciting one for us, we wrote it in a rehearsal pretty much in one take… Lyrically it is about someone you may have pushed out of your life due to your own issues. It talks about the inner turmoil you have as you come to accept that you still love that person; and will always find it easy/addictive to do so.

‘Reason’ – This track is a development from ‘Fever’ in a lyrical way. ‘Fever’ was about the initial buzz you feel from a new relationship. ‘Reason’ was about taking the reigns on those volatile (often irrational) feelings, it leads to a place where those feelings are eventually lost and your faced with the end of something that once made you happy.

‘Heart of Gold’ – This song was written a long time ago, we finally brought it to life by playing it live together again. It’s last on the EP as it is definitely the resting/end point in an audible sense. Also, lyrically it offers some form of closure. Having already explored the feelings of anxiety and anger of being alone, ‘Heart of Gold’ describes the feeling of wholesomeness you can achieve from being with someone that you love. It’s definitely a positive track. It’s one we have wanted people to hear for a long time. It also sets a good tone for what is to come on the next EP.

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