In their words /// Tape Runs Out on ‘Friends/Flowers’ [Double A-side] 2015


Some bands make this vivid kind of music which resembles a sonic painting and captures your imagination. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Tape Runs Out – the band who create mesmerising, dreamy, evocative soundscapes crafted to enchant. The musicians have ambience, magic, sophistication and sharpness entwined into their melodies, so being left unimpressed is out of the question. Read on to Tape Runs Out’s Liam Goodrum-Bell introducing the band’s double a-side single  ‘Friends/Flowers’. 


One day I woke up and wanted a song with pounding bass and drums underneath a twinkly gentle guitar riff, so I spent a while getting four bass notes that sounded good on repeat, then added a simple driving beat and jammed over the top with high notes on the guitar. The first version of the song was more minor, but I decided to make it lighter after more experimentation.
The lyrics are fairly unusual for me in that they have a vague story to them. Some imagined vendetta coming to fruition over a friendly meal. I liked the idea of having slightly dark lyrics over what was turning out to be a pretty little song. The abrupt ending came about after playing it with the band and trying out different ways to finish. This one was the most entertaining to us. It’s our most pop-like song, even though it’s under 3 minutes and has no chorus.


I wanted something with a loose hip hop groove, so I played around with some drum samples and added some soft keyboard. I wanted it to be head-noddingly mellow. For the singing I wanted it to feel like lazy spoken word but with a melody. The lyrics are just collections of small thoughts – some imagined, some real. The first version was electronic and sparsely decorated with bleeps. When I took it to the band we made it more organic and floaty with reverb and more vocal harmonies. We kept layering it up until it became a dense soundscape. It provides an interesting counterweight to the lighter ‘Friends’, and we hope that the two songs show some variety in our repertoire.

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