Concert stories /// Kasabian/Marmozets @ Stadium Live, Moscow /// 15.07.2015

Kasabian poster

Kasabian once said that rock ‘n’ roll should be fun. That’s exactly what their shows are: bucketfuls of fun. A ticket to a Kasabian gig is a pass to the ultimate have-a-great-time universe. When these musicians play live, it equals throwing a huge, wild party where everyone loving their music is invited. There are no rules, no boundaries and no face control. Moscow had a chance to party like never before at Kasabian’s show at Stadium Live on July 15, 2015.

Alternative whizz-kids Marmozets, who’d played their own headline show at 16 Tonns just the day before, opened the Kasabian party. Fronted by rebellious Becca MacIntyre, Marmozets performed the set similar to a massive hammer. Reckless and relentless, the band’s energy swept everyone off their feet and sent the first waves of excitement across the venue. Becca makes an amazing frontlady. In the genre mostly populated by men she does a great job of fronting a band. Her fierceness while performing can easily top that of most frontmen’s – so feisty and determined she is. Indeed, Becca’s a great proof that sharp alternative genre with a tint of hardcore is not for boys only and girls can nail it equally well. Having performed the tracks off their debut album ‘The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets’ alongside a Black Sabbath cover, Marmozets have shown themselves as a powerful and vigorous act with more than enough talent and confidence to make a serious impact in the world of music.

When some time later Kasabian strolled onstage and ‘bumblebeee’ roared all over the venue, it became clear that there would be no rest for the wicked that night. As the audience shouted back at Tom the words ‘We’re in ecstasy’, it pretty much summed up the whole show. Mass dancing and thunderous singing, which the opener track caused, never ceased over the course of the following hour and a half. And how on Earth can anyone stand still and quiet when ‘Velociraptor!’, ‘Shoot the Runner’, ‘eez-eh’, ‘Club Foot’ or ‘Re-wired’ follow one another in a fiery sequence and don’t give you a single chance of catching your breath? ‘Thick as Thieves’, ‘bow’ and ‘Goodbye Kiss’ provided a short lyrical break during which everyone grew emotional and sensitive and after a while on the dancing went again. On ‘treat’ Sergio treated the front row to a walk along the barrier and a casual handshake, ‘Fire’ drove everyone absolutely insane, set on fire if you wish, and the gig closer ‘L.S.F.’ put an intense end to the whole affair. The cheers didn’t stop for several minutes and Kasabian were all smiles and bows. Is it a sign good enough to say the show was amazing for both parties? I think so.

It was unbelievably messy and a trifle bit mischievous. Everyone was having the time of their lives, the band included. A bit of crazy dancing, playing the air guitar, horsing around and even undressing on the stage showed that Kasabian don’t take themselves too seriously and why should they? It’s a rock ‘n’ roll gig after all and it is supposed to be fun! The band’s zeal was so contagious that filled everyone present to the brim. The band ooze this zest generously and it’s this mood that defines their show, becomes its bottom line. And to say the gig was incredible is to state the obvious: it was clear from the lit-up faces of the fans leaving the venue tired, soaking wet, but incredibly happy.

For many people music is the way of escaping reality, getting inspired and experiencing new emotions. At their shows Kasabian offer a journey to the world of fun and rock ‘n’ roll and it’s a great way to switch your reality, even if for a couple of hours.

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