Featured EP /// Quiet As A Mouse ‘Memorybox’ 2015

Quiet as a Mouse

Having started out in 2012, Scottish outfit Quiet As A Mouse have already gained some serious love from music fans and media alike. They make exquisite tunes with a sharp edge, which is free from any kind of arrogance many indie bands so unfortunately display in their sound. QAAM’s debut EP ‘British Flag’ was released in August 2014 and caused quite a stir. It easily cemented the success triggered by the track ‘An Accident Waiting To Happen (Awoo Woo Woo)’ which had earlier grabbed the public’s attention as the first song to be released by Quiet As A Mouse. Come 2015 and the band present yet another EP ‘Memorybox’ for our enjoyment.

The record is aptly titled as this EP presents a real box of music memories for the band: two of the songs were written several years ago, while two are recent additions to Quiet As A Mouse’s track record. “‘Memorybox’ and ‘The Day The Cat Came To Stay’ were both recorded with producer Marcus Mackay in the same session as previous singles ‘Home Is The Hardest Place To Find’ & ‘Casketcase.’ – recalls the band’s founder Alex Moran. – ‘The Day The Cat…’ is the oldest song, it was written around the time I wrote a song called ‘Yesterday’ which was recorded with my old band The Seven Deadly Sins, which both have an alt-country feel and influence. ‘Snowflake’ and ‘Letter In My Pocket’ are quite new; they were written towards the end of last year and recorded early this year in Glasgow at Ca Va studio with Geoff Allan. Once we had ‘Snowflake’ it became clear to us that we should make an EP with it as the lead single and ‘Memorybox’ fit perfectly as the title for this collection of songs.”

If a record could be a painting, ‘Memorybox’ would be a tender, pastel watercolour with bright splashes of vigour here and there. Its elegant sound has beauty as well as guts. ‘Snowflake’ walks in carefully and gently, until it reaches a fiery guitar explosion; swinging and groovy ‘The Day The Cat Came To Stay’ invites listeners to dance and have a good time; nostalgic ‘Letter In My Pocket’ oozes melancholy and self-titled closer ‘Memorybox’ offers light, shades and chimes. The EP sounds as if the band walked in the studio, plugged in their instruments, played the songs and put them out as an EP: the sound on the record is so natural, that you hear every instrument clearly. This attention to details builds the basis of the charm and the character of ‘Memorybox’.

However, don’t mistake Quiet As A Mouse for brooding melancholics. They’re not. Though ‘Memorybox’ the EP is a very poetic and slow-burning affair indeed, neither of these qualities equals sad. Alex Moran is a present-day poet, who puts his beautifully crafted lyrics to similarly beautiful music. Besides, there’s this sharp edge to everything the band do. Just give a listen to explosive bridges the tracks off ‘Memorybox’ have to offer or go through Quiet As A Mouse’s back catalogue and enjoy ‘Casketcase’ or the aforementioned ‘An Accident Waiting To Happen (Awoo Woo Woo)’. They easily break the conventional, stereotypical indie band image and rock really hard when they have the mood to. 

Quiet As A Mouse have great talent. This statement is as obvious as the one that the sun shines. These musicians don’t fall into the rut of making similarly sounding tunes, but explore their music personalities to the full and offer a wide range of soundscapes for listeners to enjoy.

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