Featured song /// Bring Me The Horizon ‘Throne’ 2015


As time goes by, people’s music tastes inevitably change. When someone told me somewhat five years ago that I’d be listening to classical music when I grew older, I laughed in their faces. And yet here I am in my late twenties, enjoying quite a lot of classical pieces and wincing with shame when people start their I-told-you-so preaching. Musicians are no exception to the evolution of music tastes. However, while music lovers’ changes show mostly in their iPods and record collections, with musicians it’s totally different: we hear it in their songs. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up to the new Bring Me The Horizon.

While Bring Me The Horizon have never been stale and always looked for new elements to introduce in their music, their real change started with the full-length ‘Sempiternal’ released in 2013. It was supported by the single ‘Drown’ a year later: this song became the first step to Bring Me The Horizon’s new album ‘That’s the Spirit’ (out September 11, 2015). Accompanied by two fresh releases ‘Happy Song’ and ‘Throne’, it is the crown of the glorious transformation of the band for whom the metalcore shoes have become too small.

‘Throne’ is the first official single off ‘That’s the Spirit’ and an absolutely mind-blowing track to say the least. It’s a gorgeous example of a song that sounds loud, heavy, in-your-face, but very melodic and sophisticated at the same time. Lit up by electronics and having all what it takes to make a mission statement, this track is love at first sight. Clear singing vocals from Oli Sykes is full of confidence and determination, not without a touch of harshness. In its character ‘Throne’ is inspirational to the core not only due to the challenge-to-the-whole-world and go-to-hell manner it’s performed in, but also to the lyrics that comes from the person who definitely knows how to overcome adversity in his life and what to do with the stones thrown his way.

These weighty, layered, intelligent melodies and clear vocals build the basis of the new Bring Me The Horizon. They’ve ditched angst-ridden, unpolished rawness for smoothed out, clear-cut curves and cinematic sonic landscapes. However, there’s such a razor edge to this new sound, that you’d better be careful not to cut yourself. And don’t start telling me they’ve gone poppy because they haven’t.

In their natural state of evolution Bring Me The Horizon have stepped way away from the metalcore sound they’ve become renowned for. While such a shift is certain to alienate some fans of the band, it’ll in its turn add them many more loyal followers in place of the deserters. Bring Me The Horizon have matured, grown out of metalcore and this must be reckoned with. Having always been true to themselves, the band show their listeners their new selves without pretence and it’s your choice whether to take it or leave it.

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‘That’s The Spirit’ is out on September 11, 2015.


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