In their words /// David Roddie on ‘Green Door and Star Wars’ [Single] 2015

David Roddie

If you want to hear incredible life stories told to stunning, stripped-back melodies, then welcome to the world of David Roddie. He creates the music that turns heads and charms ears with its sincerity and simplicity. David is preparing for the release of his debut album ‘Boy No More’ (out November 9, 2015) and prior to that he told Rock Britain about the second single off the album ‘Green Door and Star Wars’. Nostalgic and melancholic, the track is sure to touch your heart with beautiful memories and tender melody. Enjoy!

With ‘Green Door and Star Wars’ I wanted to capture and piece together some childhood memories I had of growing up in Glasgow’s east end. The title sort of came about by accident, when going about writing the song I had written the heading on my note pad as “Where do I begin?, I decided I would start my story at my Grans where I had my earliest childhood memories, I remembered that she kept a lot of my outdoor toys in an old coal cellar at the back of the house, I always remember this had a “Green Door” I would bring out toys from there and toys from inside the house mostly my favourite Star Wars figures. I later decided when writing the final lyrics to keep the question in my note pad as the first lyric, “Where do I begin, well I’ll start there at the rhubarb patch at the Green door I would play”.

I visited other memories from my childhood during writing the song, I have a verse that mentions “picnics on the tiny beach”, that refers to me taking my first girl friend to Hogan field loch and going on a little boat ride that used to operate there in the late 80s –early 90s, later telling her I wasn’t in fact 12 like her but instead 10 years old, I was promptly dumped there after hahaha. I also make reference to more serious issues that where prevalent growing up in Glasgow in the 80s/90s, for instance the line “We’d play football in the summer, it was McCoist against McStay, it didn’t matter who won we’d still play”. In that verse I attempted to make reference to the fact that at that age I wasn’t aware of the obvious undertones of sectarianism in the rivalry between football teams Rangers and Celtic that would become a divide between some as we grew up. Overall with this song I really wanted to give a real sense of nostalgia, a glimpse into my past growing up in Glasgow in the 1980s and make it relatable to the listener.

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One Response to “In their words /// David Roddie on ‘Green Door and Star Wars’ [Single] 2015”
  1. Brian Eccles says:

    I’ve known David for a number of years and have watched him grow up, not only in his personal life but also in his music.
    I have always looked forward to being one of the first people to listen to his new compositions, and it’s great to see he is finally getting the recognition he deserves for all the hard work he has done over the years.
    He not only helped other musicians with their careers but he has also put a lot of effort into helping children become interested in picking up a instrument and giving music a shot.
    To me he will always be the Surrogate Son i have the privilege to know.

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