Featured song /// Wardance ‘Free Radicals’ (2015)


When you put out a debut single, you’d better make it a song to sweep your listeners off their feet, just like Wardance’s debut ‘Free Radicals’. London-based trio have already been making some serious waves on the capital’s live circuit winning themselves an army of followers and drawing attention from the likes of Billy Corgan. Now it’s time for the rest to surrender as Wardance are hatching their winning march all over the UK.

‘Free Radicals’ storms in with a bang and instantly gets listeners in the wild dance of mind-blowing riffs, in-your-face rhythm section and bold vocals. Fusing the elements of grunge, brit pop, garage rock and alternative, Wardance treat their listeners to a magical potion of a perfect rock ‘n’ roll song which is catchy without being cheesy, hard-hitting without being aggressive and crafted with the skills of real artists. It’s the track from the band who know what they want from music, how they want to sound and what they want to achieve with it. It’s the emergence of the music power that have come to conquer and who have no time for all your we-are-still-discovering-our-true-sound nonsense. They’ll leave you dizzy with their vigour and breathless from the roller coaster of their sound. You want cool music? Wardance make it.

Single ‘Free Radicals’ is the first taste of things to come on Wardance’s debut EP due to be released in October. The song makes a massive statement from the talented band and urges you to prepare for your new music obsession as Wardance are coming for you.

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