Getting to know /// Vladimir

(c) Vladimir

(c) Vladimir

Dundee-based Vladimir have the air of mystery around them. It shows in their exquisitely crafted dark, atmospheric tunes where inner powers rage and layers of diverse sonic elements weave their webs of music enchantment.  It’s no wonder Vladimir have been dubbed as one of the most exciting emerging bands in Scotland. Rock Britain offers you to get to know this talented band better.

– What was the beginning of Vladimir as a band?

– We have all been playing music from a young age and this band just came together as we all shared the same ideas and love of music. I couldn’t say a specific beginning. 

– What events, in your opinion, have been the most important ones in the band’s life so far?

– Taking the band to England would have to be the most important. We aren’t fans of the way the music scene is up here although we love Scotland and its people. Far too many bands get stuck in their ways in Scotland and forget about all the other places out there. Taking our music to as many people as possible is what we want to do. 

– How are your songs usually born? What are the main sources of inspiration for your music?

– We have a small practice room we all sit together in and write the music. The inspiration just comes from the way we feel and how others around us feel. We’re just normal lads with no money, struggling to get by. The music we write is all we really have to keep our chins up. 

– What’s your main philosophy in making music?

– Just make the music we want to make. I hope we can be a voice for a lot of people out there while doing this.

– What’s your approach to your live shows? What’s it like to experience a live show by Vladimir?

– Just forget anything  else exists for that moment in time and enjoy what is happening on stage. People can come watch us and lose themselves. We want people to come out the show and have a strong opinion on us – good or bad. That shows we are doing something interesting. 

– What bands can you be found listening to most of the time?

– We all love The Fall, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, Primal Scream and the list goes on for days. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Neon Waltz lately – a great band from the top of Scotland. 

– What is your biggest goal concerning Vladimir?

– We want to write and record an album that we will all be really proud of. Something that will be timeless. If other people enjoy it we will continue to try and produce the same standard. Playing the songs live is always going to be special so we want to do that as much as possible as well. 

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