In their words /// Glass Tides on ‘Black Knight Satellite’ [Single] 2015

Glass Tides

The actual black knight satellite is an apocryphal tale of sorts. There is believed to be a satellite that has an unusual orbit around the earth (west to east from pole to pole), sends out signals that were supposedly recorded by Tesla and was photographed 4 years before the first man made satellite was sent into orbit.  In the song we use it as a jumping point to examine some ideas about life, society and what have you. The idea that there is this other worldly object sending signals down to earth was quite interesting to me. We have certain societal pressures, doctrines and conventions that are programmed into us to the point where we believe them to be instinct. In the song, these ideas are sent to us through signals from this satellite. I suppose what we’re saying is that these ideas aren’t natural or instinctual, in fact they’re planted. I’d wanted to cover this topic for a while so when I discovered the satellite on YouTube the lyrics came fairly quickly. Songwriting influences tend to be things that happen to me and people I know. Musical influences for the song are bands like Black Keys, Tame Impala, Bad Company. We wanted the song to be a departure from our first EP which was fairly well rooted in folk, this song is a lot more up beat. The subject matter is fairly heavy so it’s a nice contrast that the music is more fun. In terms of my reaction to the final version of the track, we all like to be involved very closely during the production, recording and mixing process so there was no real surprises. However, I was taken by how impactful the intro is and how that momentum continues to propel you through the entire song.

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