Face to face with Brockley Forest

Brockley Forest

There’s character, guts and charisma in everything that comes from Brockley Forest. Did you want the band who don’t conform, but challenge you as well as provide your ears with massive music pleasure? You’ve found them! Rock Britain chatted to Brockley Forest about their newest EP, gigs and storing music for future generations.

– Congrats on releasing your new EP ‘The Die has been Cast’! How would you introduce this EP to your listeners?

– A taste of what’s coming out of the Bristol music scene at the moment.

– How did the work at the EP go? What went into creating this record?

– We worked really hard to make this EP consistent and maintain it’s themes of old philosophies and perspectives that are still relevant today. We spent three months writing at the start of the year and then another month fine tuning the final five before going into the studio. We cut the EP over three days and it was the best experience we’ve ever had recording music.

– What were your feelings when you realised you’d finished the EP?

– The same as when anyone finishes something personal to them which they’ve put countless hours towards to create and finish. Excitement probably overrides relief because as soon as it’s done you want to share it with your fans. We had to wait three months until the release so that we could tour at the same time.

– Imagine you could store one song from this record to show to the future generations in 100 years. Which song would you choose and why?

– Probably ‘Rubicon’ because it’s a good example of how stories that are thousands of years old can still have just as much relevance and influence today as back then.

– How was your summer? Have you got any particularly memorable stories from the festival season that you’ll be remembering by the fire in the winter?

– Bristol balloon fiesta was pretty special, it was full capacity, the weather was perfect and there were spitfires flying around in the sky during the set. We’re hoping to play a gig in one of the balloons next year!

– You’re embarking on your UK tour this autumn. What do you expect from those shows? How are you planning to make them special?

– It’s a grass roots tour. Just us two travelling and sleeping in a transit van all around the UK. We hope to play with some great bands and play to new audiences who perhaps haven’t heard a band from Bristol before.

– You supported the likes of Fidlar and Honeyblood. What kind of influence did this experience have on you?

– We supported Fidlar at the Louisiana and there fans are mental. We didn’t know you could get so many people to crowd surf in that room at one time. Honeyblood are a great example of what two girls with chemistry and genius musical talent can do.

– What’s the most memorable gig you’ve witnessed lately?

– One of the shows on our tour in Sheffield South Sea included a band called Ward XVI. They cut each other’s throats on stage and threw dolls heads into the audience… it was just bizarre.

– What has been your favourite music release of 2015 so far?

Dec – new Dead Weather album.

Seb – new Foals album

– Where do you see Brockley Forest in 5 years?

– After five years, at least two albums, an international tour and a gig with the Dead Weather would sound about right.

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