Track by track /// Exit Black ‘Predator and Prey’ [EP] 2015

Exit Black

Soaring, energetic, charismatic, in-your-face… Exit Black are here to impress you, charm you and make you fall in love with their music. Here they talk about their newest EP ‘Predator & Prey’ and, I assure you, you’d better get this record. Trust me.


When thinking of how to arrange this EP, we were discussing that we wanted to give the fans who have made endless journeys to our gigs something back, and here is the result. It’s what many would call a ‘slow burner’, starting with Joe’s beautiful tapping section, evolving into the electronic, impersonal utterances of our ‘collective consciousness’ , which suddenly erupts into a Sabbath-esque riffer’s dream. From here,  the piece progresses into a malevolent, chaotic crescendo, smashing and crashing its way into the next track.


Born out of personal experience with the kind of life we’ve come accustomed to, ‘Breathe’ is a track of fire, anger and seduction, whilst presenting the listener with a brief encounter with insanity. We decided we wanted to create something orientating around the rhythm section, giving that ‘hardened’ feel that we think came across well. The lyrics investigate the fight between fear, despair and manipulation, accompanied with the underlying theme of burning desire to fight through the psychological pain. We also couldn’t resist sticking a guitar solo in there, followed by one of our favourite riffs. Did anyone say pit…?


This is definitely the single of the EP in our opinion. We knew from the minute we started playing this song that we were going to enjoy this to a ridiculous level when playing it live. Much like ‘Memories’ from our last EP, it’s got a chorus the crowd seem to scream back at you, giving it a real festival feeling. Keeping true to our style though, we thought we’d stick a little something in there for the rockers in the form of the quick-fire section, loosening itself up to the riff. We genuinely become kids in our rooms when playing this one; proper banger!

Rise and Fall

This is actually the oldest song on the EP. We recorded it a while back with BBC introducing and just felt we had to include it on ‘Predator & Prey EP’. It’s one of those tracks that shows each of us off as the musicians we are, pushing ourselves to new areas we never knew we had before we formed the band. The lyrics revolve around the theme of a couple in what can only be described as a sorry state, declining into the night and decaying with the dark. Fear, isolation and dependency erase their days and bring out the demons behind that very curtain of the night, until they are trapped and have no choice but to embrace the fate to which they inevitably head toward. It’s a kind of ballad for the undead, I guess.

On My Own

In contrast, this is the newest track on the EP. As soon as we penned this one, we just knew it was destined to be the finale. It’s another festival favourite with a beautiful, honest chorus. Full of raw emotion and passionate exhalation, the lyrics centre around breaking free from the chains in which certain situations find yourself in, with an acknowledgement of the help provided by the people you hold closest. This builds to an ending which I simply cannot describe. I can only say that when I play this live it feels as if I’m soaring above the stage, up and away to another level of consciousness. It’s one of our favourites, that’s for sure.

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