In their words /// Damn Vandals on ‘I Hate School’

Damn Vandals 1

Damn Vandals rock. They’re one of those rare bands whose sound is  purely their own and whose charisma is too striking to miss it. With the new single ‘I Hate School’ just round the corner, Damn Vandals’ own Jack Kansas shares a story of how this belter of a song was born.

The main storyline behind the Damn Vandals’ chart-topping single ‘I Hate School’ came to me in my sleep. It was during a particularly turbulent night – peppered with powerful hallucinations and strange visions which I have since been told were the result of a self-administered overdose of Marmite before bedtime.

Anyhow, in this dream I was back at school and there was this headmaster with an Alsatian dog’s head. He was wearing casual trousers the way David Cameron wears casual trousers and he was on some mad, rabid killing spree. He was out to get me, to tear me to pieces. I was on the move, classroom to classroom – collecting as many HB pencils as I could. My plan was to find one of those electronic sharpeners and sharpen the hell out of those HBs until they became vicious hand-held weapons. Then out of nowhere these two cool kids appear – one boy, one girl. Thinking back, they were definitely the scruffy one and the nerdy one off Scooby Doo. Anyway, they lit a stick of dynamite and told me to jump out the window. At that point I woke up because I needed a wee.

During that wee I began to hum the main riff of the song. My phone was out of memory even for a voice memo, so I recorded it as my answer phone message. That confused a few people. Sometime later, I remembered my actions and borrowed someone else’s phone to ring my own. After that the song kind of wrote itself. Frank, Adam and Chris seemed to know instinctively where to take it in the rehearsal room. Then, long-standing DVs collaborator Sam Francisco gave it its title – he was 6 at the time, so didn’t have to think about it. He just screamed ‘I Hate School’ and that was that …. Thanks so much for having us Rock Britain, love from Jack and all the Dvs xxxx

Jack Kansas

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