In their words /// Nishe on ‘Lose Control’

Nishe have been making waves on the UK scene for a while now. The band’s fresh, big-city sound has gained them a dedicated following and a lot of well-deserved attention. Nishe’s newest single ‘Lose Control’ boasts magnetic vibe, crisp undertones and a great deal of confidence that charm listeners. Giovanni Zappa tells Rock Britain about ‘Lose Control’.
The whole idea for ‘Lose Control’ started when I came up with the main synth riff which inspired me to write a song that would involve different (and new to us) influences such as Electronica, Hip-Hop and Dubstep. The drum beat in the verses is in fact very Hip-Hop inspired (and actually during the pre-production process we wanted to achieve a very lo-fi sound, recording the drums in a bedroom with only 4 microphones, and then decided to use the same lo-fi recording for the actual single too). Some of the synth parts in the song (especially in the outro) are clearly Dubstep influenced (with the changing subdivisions to triplets and sextuplets etc…) in order to achieve a very urban, modern and fresh sound. However, the most important element that puts this song in a coherent positions within our repertoire is the intense rock vibe of the chorus and middle eight, with energetic guitars and gritty vocals.
I visited New York while I was developing this song so a big amount of the inspiration for it came from the incredible vibe of this city, especially the groovy part of it, while the electronica influences are mainly from our own hometown, especially East London.
Giovanni Zappa

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