The Mirror Trap – ‘Simulations’ [Album] 2016

The Mirror Trap

The third full-length from the Dundee wonder The Mirror Trap was, for me personally, one of the most anticipated records of 2016. Having heard some of the songs last July live in Moscow, I knew that those who love really good music were in for a real treat. And a real treat ‘Simulations’ is!

Packed with take-your-breath-away moments, the record boasts sharpness in everything: sharp chords, edges, melodies and its creators’ tongues. The songwriting is exceptional with the band telling stories of our everyday life without any adornment, but with honesty and precision of those who don’t only look but also see. Crafted with genuine attitude, ‘Simulations’ is the voice of modern thinkers and those who like their music authentic and anti-trend. Stormy, loud and mighty, ‘Simulations’ knows no rest, but races forward with truly rock ‘n’ roll spirit, destroying stereotypes and cliches along the way.

‘Under the Glass Towers’ hits like a hammer, rages like a thunderstorm raging and goes totally wild;  ‘Piranhas’ adds intensity and a sense of danger, while ‘Joyride’ is a stripped down number bringing tears to your eyes – so desperate and heartbreaking it sounds; ‘Something About Forever’ is poisonous and ‘Bleach Your Bones’ is touched by a contrasting combination of vulnerability and power. The record is full of anger and frustration, which are well-directed, pointed and well-placed. They’re not there for the sake of being angry but a purpose – to give ‘Simulations’ its strong character and make the idea of the album absolutely clear.

The Mirror Trap are true to themselves in crafting music with a distinct mark of their character, creativity and unique attitude when all that matters is the band’s ability to stand out proudly among the hoards of mass-produced music. Apart from giving listeners an aesthetic pleasure of listening to REAL music, ‘Simulations’ also gives them strength to be who they really are and remember about what really matters. And the only label that can be put on it is “Made by The Mirror Trap”.

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