The Mirror Trap @ 16 Tons, Moscow; 01.06.2016

IMG_8550Intimate gigs are special. And when such shows are performed by a very special band, the event becomes twice as impressive. While The Mirror Trap are conquering more and more people all over the globe, it’s a tremendous pleasure to have a chance to watch them play small venues. On the first day of the summer 2016 the Scottish wonder’s fiery performance blew to pieces the packed 16 Tons in Moscow.

Relentless energy was pouring from the stage non-stop as the gig took off with ‘Second Life’ and continued through the mixture of tracks from ‘Stay Young’, ‘Silent Men EP’ and most of ‘Simulations’. Merciless was it – that storm of a setlist, which allowed only several slow-burning deviations like those during ‘Joyride’, ‘Bell Street’, ‘Waves’ or ‘Silent Men’. Most of the night was ruled by the likes of ‘American Dreams’, ‘Piranhas’, ‘New Trance’, ‘Under The Glass Towers’ or ‘Future Lionheart’. Not only was it the setlist to take one’s breath away, but also the one to show how creatively diverse the band are.

The Mirror Trap oozed charisma, presence and immense power, holding the audience in IMG_8555absolute enchantment: the energy was overflowing and particularly palpable in a small venue. The band were not just playing music – they were living it, feeling through each second of their performance, losing themselves in the sound and totally blending with it. It’s a rare thing these days when musicians have such chemistry between them and are so comfortable with their sound that you can’t imagine them playing anything else, as if they were born with that sound inside. This especially comes across at The Mirror Trap’s live shows. There’s a spark in them, which lights up their live shows, turning each performance into a sing-your-heart-out fest, celebration of genuineness and self-expression.

Sounding absolutely huge live, The Mirror Trap put up such a powerful show, that they can’t leave you uninvolved and unimpressed. Don’t miss them next time they perform near you.

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