Muse @ Olimpiiski, Moscow; 21.06.2016


Being a renowned band in what comes to concerts, Muse are a wonder to experience live. Their massive Drones Tour span numerous countries and months of playing shows to amazed auduences all over the world. June 21 saw the tour coming to its final stop in Moscow.

With their show boasting various visual effects and beautiful lights, Muse still let their hearts and souls look from behind all the outside decorations. Even from the deepest corners of the huge venue, which was packed to the brim, you could feel the band giving their all to the show, letting their feelings fly over the crowd, being totally contagious, appealing to the highest level. Muse are one of those rare bands that can get the whole 25.000-strong crowd sing and move in unison, and hearing the whole venue singing along to ‘Uprising’, ‘Time Is Running Out’ or ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ (one of the best gig closers ever played live) sent shivers down one’s spine: so powerful and mighty it sounded. The band’s ability to combine high technology and human emotions so that the former doesn’t outshine the latter is incredible. While some bands hide their lack of passion behind fanciful decorations, Muse use them to highlight their feelings, charisma, talent and obvious supremacy over many other bands of today. Without being arrogant they are the perfect image of musicianship and those  who care.

With so many great tunes under their belts compiling a good setlist might prove a challenge, but not for Muse. They found the best way to juggle the tracks from their huge back catalogue and, I believe, disappointments were few as the setlist included not only the most recent tracks like ‘Psycho’, ‘Dead Inside’ or ‘Handler’, but also a couple of older all-time favourites like ‘Take A Bow’, ‘Hysteria’, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ or ‘Plug In Baby’. A special treat was the opening band My Vitriol that showed how many undiscovered gems the UK music scene still has to offer.

Muse’s gigs are the ones out of this world. And while being so alien among most bands of today, Muse have a very human nature – the paradox which makes them a special band indeed. Shows that close a tour are meant to be memorable and Muse’s show was exactly that: unforgettable, bright and leaving a mark in people’s hearts by making everyone even a little bit better than before.

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