Drifting Sun – ‘Safe Asylum’ [Album] 2016

a2588519736_10Drifting Sun are known for the music crafted with precision, attention to details and a refined taste for beauty. The band’s newest record ‘Safe Asylum’ has all these qualities, and a lot more.

‘Safe Asylum’ is full of surprises and breathtaking moments of enchanting beauty. The record is a classical grower – you need time to fully get into it, discover all its hidden secrets and treats, fall in love with it. But once you get into the depths of ‘Safe Asylum’, it won’t let you go. That’s one of the qualities that makes the album so magnetic. It’s the same with this record as it is with the books which you read dozens of times but still discover something with every new read. When it comes to music, such a quality is a rare thing, and in case of Drifting Sun – a distinct mark of the creators’ talent and ability to make something truly timeless.

‘Safe Asylum’ has a grandeur and a dignity of a prog rock record made with care, ingenuity and taste. A combination of delicacy and power is noble-sounding: aristocratic at some times and rebellious at others. ‘King of Hearts’ has delicious hints of folk moods, the soaring nature of the absolutely epic ‘Intruder’ is intense and thrilling, and ‘Alice’ (together with its follower ‘Wonderland’) reminds of fire-side storytelling with tea flowing and pipes smoking. The record closer ‘Vagabond’ (which is a bonus track) is an instrumental treat full of sorrow and majesty that pretty much sums up the essence of the whole  record.

All the songs are build of several layers, shifts of moods and pieces. Behaving like living beings, they never stay the same but always evolve, progress and change, glow and gleam with many filigree facets. The tracks are adorned with long instrumental passages – either speedy, or slow-burning – but in either case they add a special signature to each song and showcase the band’s mastery of instruments. These songs sound like stories with an overture, a main part and a closing part and, as told by Drifting Sun, are built upon striking imagery created by means of words and melodies.

Pure enjoyment of a record, ‘Safe Asylum’ is the album for those who haven’t lost the taste for music which can be equated with genuine art  – fine and great.

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