The Virginmarys – ‘Divides’ [Album] 2016


The Virginmarys are among those bands that keep the music scene exciting and, above all, rock ‘n’ roll – alive. The Macclesfield trio know how to make music with attitude and, going by what feels right, The Virginmarys produce something truly extraordinary. The band’s sophomore record ‘Divides’ is definitely amongst the most stunning releases of 2016.

‘Divides’ has everything it takes to be qualified as a rock ‘n’ roll album proper. Touching upon the issues that matter, The Virginmarys wrap them in the layers of thick bass lines, explosive drumwork, exceptional guitars and sealing all these with Ally Dickaty’s signature vocals the band present a gem of a record indeed. ‘Divides’ boasts a punkish touch, making it rebellious, but The Virginmarys’ rebellion is very mature. There are no empty words or thoughtless torturing of instruments. The band’s music statement is exceedingly well-crafted and thoughtful, with the soundscape being raw and clear-cut, relentless and orderly, fast-moving and slow-burning.

There’s force and power in ‘Divides’ paced by the likes of ‘Push the Pedal’, ‘Halo in Her Silhouette’ or ‘Kill the Messenger’. Energised and laden with moments of mighty power, they radiate passion and share it with listeners generously. The ballads (‘Moth to a Flame’, ‘Walk in My Shoes’) are soaring, heartfelt, intense and overflowing with emotions. They make you hold your breath, sit up and listen – listen intently into every word, feel through each line, and I won’t be surprised if you shed a tear or two over these soulful songs.

What makes The Virginmarys so special is their no-nonsense approach to making music. Once you hear their records, you understand that they’re absolutely genuine – and what can be more important for a band? Among numerous fakes of today, The Virginmarys are the band to remind us what music is there for in the first place. Awakening emotions and touching deeply hidden strings of people’s souls, these guys make us, music lovers, listen to their songs with both – our hearts and ears. The Virginmarys are the band who care and are a treasure that must be valued.

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