Reptile – ‘Echoes of Twins’ [Single] 2016


Autumn is a beautiful time of year with a tint of nostalgia that makes us snuggle by a fireplace with a book or some good music to soundtrack long dark evenings. London-based band Reptile have made a great contribution to autumn’s unique atmosphere by releasing their single ‘Echoes of Twins’. It’ll get under your skin, touch your feelings deeply and charm you with the brooding mood of autumn.

Quiet at some points and loud at others, ‘Echoes of Twins’ is a canvas of unexpected transitions and an affair of many moods. Stripped back, reflective verses are adorned with highlights of thunderous guitars reminding massive blows. Accompanied by deep, expressive vocals these verses are followed by explosive choruses which rage with great power. Melodious passages get entwined into dark, weighty alleys of sound to get lost there and shine with even more beauty. Intense and impatient, ‘Echoes of Twins’ has a shade of sorrow and an air of thoughtfulness about it. As the track is getting more anxious towards the end, it’s also becoming more relentless and comes to an impressive, memorable close.

Just like autumn can be sunny and calm one moment, or dark and windy – another, so does ‘Echoes of Twins’ reflect these changeable moods with its shifts of sonicscapes and the atmosphere of depth. If you need a great track for your autumn playlist, ‘Echoes of Twins’ is the right choice!

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