Premiere /// Glue – Balloon [Video]

Glue premiere their new video for ‘Balloon’ with Rock Britain! Advertisements

Featured band /// The Rogue Network

Bands who refuse to be pigeonholed are the heroes of the contemporary underground. While aiming at being different, these musicians have to work extra hard to get themselves heard. However, the listeners who discover such gems are usually well rewarded with really good music and an utter listening pleasure. The Rogue Network are yet a … Continue reading

Band of the week /// The Twisted Dolls

Their riffs will make your head go dizzy and intense tunes will become your obsession. Please give it up to The Twisted Dolls. On The Twisted Doll’s formation: It came together out of the ashes of an old band. Luke and Jimi wanted to start a new group with a real heavy blues influence, using some … Continue reading

Band of the week /// The Shallows

The Shallows are the band, whose tunes will get you swoon the moment you hear them: crystal clear, catchy indie tunes with a distinct stamp of the band’s personality on the melodies are simply meant to stick. Having already released two EPs ‘About Time Vol.1’ and ‘Same Space Vol.2′, The Shallows are about to release … Continue reading

Band of the week /// The Velveteen Saints

Scottish outfit The Velveteen Saints play rock & roll at its best: with zest, fervour and attitude. They are in this special cohort of bands who preserve the art of real rock & roll alive and kicking: a rare breed of keepers of faith in good, genuine music. The Velveteen Saints’ Tino shares his and … Continue reading

Band of the week /// Pale Fires

Eerie, acid psychedelia, vocals piercing your skin and intoxicating melodies – London-based Pale Fires know their art and how to make this special kind of music that sends chills down your spine. They’re slowly taking over British underground scene at the moment, but this is about to change into a massive force soon, so you … Continue reading

Band of the week /// The Vitamins

Just trying to be the best band. The Vitamins Great music can be extremely good for your health and overall mood. It can calm you down and pump you up, inspire and motivate you and tell you a lot of stories. So, if cold, autumn times are bringing you down, then you need The Vitamins … Continue reading

Band of the week /// Echotape

Do you want some mesmerising music packed with intense emotions that will send chills of excitement down your spine? Say hello to Echotape then – the band who write exactly this kind of music. Echotape started in 2011 out of a mutual passion of several friends to be creative. Now, with a terrific debut album … Continue reading

Band of the week /// Knights

London outfit Knights are a real rock outfit with loud riffs and explosive melodies. Despite being a young band, they’ve already worked with Tristan Ivemy at their debut self-titled EP and scored a four-month residency at Camden Barfly. It’s no surprise Knights have been causing a lot of buzz on the London scene: the lads … Continue reading

Band of the week /// The Mirror Trap

Dundee collective The Mirror Trap are Scotland’s best kept secret. Drawing inspirations from a lot of various genres, the musicians mingle  them into a sound of their own best described as rock ‘n’ roll with attitude. Don’t try to pin them down – The Mirror Trap are too unique for that. The band started in … Continue reading