In their words /// Nishe on ‘Lose Control’

Nishe have been making waves on the UK scene for a while now. The band’s fresh, big-city sound has gained them a dedicated following and a lot of well-deserved attention. Nishe’s newest single ‘Lose Control’ boasts magnetic vibe, crisp undertones and a great deal of confidence that charm listeners. Giovanni Zappa tells Rock Britain about … Continue reading

In their words /// Damn Vandals on ‘I Hate School’

Damn Vandals rock. They’re one of those rare bands whose sound is  purely their own and whose charisma is too striking to miss it. With the new single ‘I Hate School’ just round the corner, Damn Vandals’ own Jack Kansas shares a story of how this belter of a song was born. The main storyline … Continue reading

Track by track /// Exit Black ‘Predator and Prey’ [EP] 2015

Soaring, energetic, charismatic, in-your-face… Exit Black are here to impress you, charm you and make you fall in love with their music. Here they talk about their newest EP ‘Predator & Prey’ and, I assure you, you’d better get this record. Trust me. Intro When thinking of how to arrange this EP, we were discussing … Continue reading

In their words /// Glass Tides on ‘Black Knight Satellite’ [Single] 2015

The actual black knight satellite is an apocryphal tale of sorts. There is believed to be a satellite that has an unusual orbit around the earth (west to east from pole to pole), sends out signals that were supposedly recorded by Tesla and was photographed 4 years before the first man made satellite was sent … Continue reading

In their words /// David Roddie on ‘Green Door and Star Wars’ [Single] 2015

If you want to hear incredible life stories told to stunning, stripped-back melodies, then welcome to the world of David Roddie. He creates the music that turns heads and charms ears with its sincerity and simplicity. David is preparing for the release of his debut album ‘Boy No More’ (out November 9, 2015) and prior to that … Continue reading

Featured band /// Black Sonic Revolver

Black Sonic Revolver are a rare breed of bands. First and foremost, they make mint music. It’s passionate, heart-felt, sincere and has mind-blowing guitars that go straight into your heart. Once you hear their tunes, they’ll stay with you forever. Black Sonic Revolver’s debut self-titled album came out in December 2014. This record is an instant crush … Continue reading

In their words /// Tape Runs Out on ‘Friends/Flowers’ [Double A-side] 2015

Some bands make this vivid kind of music which resembles a sonic painting and captures your imagination. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Tape Runs Out – the band who create mesmerising, dreamy, evocative soundscapes crafted to enchant. The musicians have ambience, magic, sophistication and sharpness entwined into their melodies, so being left unimpressed is out … Continue reading

Track by track /// Adam Scott Glasspool ‘On Dreams’ [EP] 2015

Beautiful, slow, guitar-driven tunes with an air of sadness about them are the embodiment of Adam Scott Glasspool’s signature sound. Having embarked on a solo career after years in bands, Adam released his debut EP ‘On Dreams’ on July 13. A four-track affair is fragile, finely crafted and sets the mood to reflective from the … Continue reading

Track by track /// Red House Glory ‘Heart of Gold’ [EP] 2015

Red House Glory’s breed of rock music boasts the combination of melody and rawness, power and feelings. They mix the components skillfully in various proportions, laden the cocktail with emotive filling and serve it in the form of fiery, memorable tracks spiced up with attitude. Red House Glory’s latest EP ‘Heart of Gold’ landed at the … Continue reading

In their words /// India Mill on ‘In Motion’

There’s something perfectly British about India Mill’s new track ‘In Motion’. The song is driven by relentless energy and beautiful melody which together make it an affair extraordinary and catchy. India Mill’s vocalist and bass player Alistair Smith tells the story of ‘In Motion’. ‘In Motion’ came to me at a very strange time in … Continue reading