Getting to know /// The Draynes

The Draynes’ music is incredibly explosive, intense, passionate and tight – proper rock ‘n’ roll in everything. When you hear them first you might think that it takes an at least four-strong band to make this amount of quality noise, but there are in fact only two people responsible for the great, powerful sounds. Meet … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Some Kind Of Illness

So beautiful that you instantly fall in love and so heartbreaking that it hurts – that’s the music Some Kind Of Illness make. Their debut, self-titled album is full of ambient melodies, striking instrumentation and hypnotising vocals. In the time when so many bands try to be as loud and brash as possible, Some Kind Of … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Vladimir

Dundee-based Vladimir have the air of mystery around them. It shows in their exquisitely crafted dark, atmospheric tunes where inner powers rage and layers of diverse sonic elements weave their webs of music enchantment.  It’s no wonder Vladimir have been dubbed as one of the most exciting emerging bands in Scotland. Rock Britain offers you … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Pistolhead

Pistolhead are the kind of band which you wish you had more of around: they have ultimate desire to make really good, unique music and they actually succeed in it. Rock Britain talks to Daniel Bateman to get to know Pistolhead a bit closer and we have learnt an important thing: believe in Pistolhead!  – First of … Continue reading

Getting to know //// The Boy From The Crowd

Tight and raw, with relentless energy and grit, tons of character and just special attitude, The Boy From The Crowd stand out on the scene considerably. The collective’s newest single ‘Revelator’  actually speaks for itself and shows what the band are capable of. Rock Britain chatted to Vinny Piana about The Boy From The Crowd … Continue reading

Getting to know /// The Ha’pennies

If, for some reason, you’re feeling low, The Ha’pennies’ music will be a great mood setter for you on any day of the week. Light, clear and very soulful, their tunes won’t leave you indifferent. The band introduce themselves and talk about their music, inspirations and more. – What was the beginning of The Ha’pennies as a … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Braver Than Fiction

Folk and blues vibes layered over alternative bases make Braver Than Fiction sound not like your ordinary band. Give them a listen, eh? And read on to lead singer Mel’s introducing the band. – First of all, what was that, that brought you all guys together to form Braver than Fiction? – Back in 2013, … Continue reading

Face to face with The Four Fours

Do you remember when the splendid The Four Fours told you all about their single ‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’? Well, it’s time to learn more about these lads and their no nonsense approach to music. – By way of introducing The Four Fours to Rock Britain’s readers, tell us something we must certainly know … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Projected Images

  While punk is the main driving force behind Projected Images’ music, the band have much more to offer: energy, passion, talent, character. Get to know Projected Images as Ralph talks about the band and their music.  – Your debut EP is ready. What kind of experience was it to prepare your debut record? – … Continue reading

Getting to know /// The Modes

Dirty, loud rock ‘n’ roll which makes you head go dizzy with flamboyant, edgy riffs and heartbeat drums – do you want to experience this? Of course, you do! Then get to know The Modes, their music and never look back. – What was the beginning of The Modes as a band? What brought you … Continue reading