Face to face with House Above The Sun

Good music is always there to be discovered by you. November 9 saw the release of the EP which can make your autumn evenings much better and warmer as that was exactly the day when House Above The Sun presented their debut self-titled EP – a gentle, pastel, impressive four-track affair of folk rock tracks. … Continue reading

Face to face with Brockley Forest

There’s character, guts and charisma in everything that comes from Brockley Forest. Did you want the band who don’t conform, but challenge you as well as provide your ears with massive music pleasure? You’ve found them! Rock Britain chatted to Brockley Forest about their newest EP, gigs and storing music for future generations. – Congrats … Continue reading

Face to face with Zervas and Pepper

Beautiful music created by the Welsh duo Zervas & Pepper carries tranquility and calmness into our crazy world. Paul Zervas and Kathryn Pepper have been a duo since 2007 and enjoy an impressive back catalogue of light, amiable tunes which are certain to put your heart at ease. The year 2015 saw Zervas & Pepper release their … Continue reading

Face to face with The Jacques

Fizzy guitars and youthful vocals make The Jacques’ music a very dangerous affair indeed: when the raw meets the angelic it breeds the combination lush and rock ‘n’ roll.  In mid June the band released their sophomore EP ‘Artful Dodger’ and are now busy on the live circuit all around the UK. I caught up with … Continue reading

Face to face with Brian Southall

The Hollies played a huge part in the shaping of UK music. Thus said, it’s astonishing that their first ever biography has been written only recently. Brian Southall’s book ‘The Road Is Long… The Hollies Story’ comes out just in time to mark the 50th anniversary of the band’s first #1 hit song ‘I’m Alive’. … Continue reading

Face to face with The Spitfires

Their sound is gripping and they have a lot to say. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up to The Spitfires. Championing mod culture ethics and putting the main focus on meaning above all, they are the band music needs. August 21 will see the release of The Spitfires’ debut album ‘Response’, which is no doubt … Continue reading

Face to face with Drifting Sun

Gorgeous piano, breathtaking instrumentation, rock backbone and passionate, emotional vocals build the essence of Drifting Sun’s unmissable sound. It’s beautiful as well as atmospheric and impressive. The band released their latest album ‘Trip the Life Fantastic’ in January 2015 and are now preparing more music enjoyment for your ears. Want to learn more? Then have … Continue reading

Face to face with The Luka State

The Luka State know how to rock-n-roll in the manner to make you gasp for air in excitement after a few chords. Seriously, these guys’ have the talent to write sharp arrows of songs that pierce your heart straight away. Be it upbeat numbers with a vintage touch, mellow tunes or huge rock songs laden … Continue reading

Face to face with Delta Sleep

There are bands that can constantly surprise you even within the course of one album. That’s very much about Delta Sleep.  One moment they are ambient, calm dreamers and another – turn into loud, post-hardcore noisemakers. June 15 sees the band release their debut ‘Twin Galaxies’ – the album which is unusual in a lot … Continue reading

Face to face with Glass Caves

Glass Caves’ blistering talent shines as bright as the sun on the UK music scene. The band have recently released their debut album ‘Alive’, which will definitely make you come alive after you’ve listened to it – so good and vibrant it is. Rock Britain chat to the band’s own Matt about ‘Alive’, best albums … Continue reading