Muse @ Olimpiiski, Moscow; 21.06.2016

Being a renowned band in what comes to concerts, Muse are a wonder to experience live. Their massive Drones Tour span numerous countries and months of playing shows to amazed auduences all over the world. June 21 saw the tour coming to its final stop in Moscow. With their show boasting various visual effects and beautiful … Continue reading

The Mirror Trap @ 16 Tons, Moscow; 01.06.2016

Intimate gigs are special. And when such shows are performed by a very special band, the event becomes twice as impressive. While The Mirror Trap are conquering more and more people all over the globe, it’s a tremendous pleasure to have a chance to watch them play small venues. On the first day of the … Continue reading

Concert stories /// The Horrors @ Afisha Picnic, Moscow /// 25.07.2015

Afisha Picnic is one of the most favourite summer festivals among the people of Moscow. Held in the picturesque park of Kolomenskoye, the event draws an annual huge crowd to enjoy some great music in the bliss of the huge park by the water. Traditionally having two stages for different kinds of music, Afisha Picnic … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Kasabian/Marmozets @ Stadium Live, Moscow /// 15.07.2015

Kasabian once said that rock ‘n’ roll should be fun. That’s exactly what their shows are: bucketfuls of fun. A ticket to a Kasabian gig is a pass to the ultimate have-a-great-time universe. When these musicians play live, it equals throwing a huge, wild party where everyone loving their music is invited. There are no … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Placebo/The Mirror Trap @ Gorky Park, Moscow /// 04.07.2015

There are bands whose performances you never get tired of seeing and Placebo are among the mighty. The way they connect with their audiences at live shows is very special and thus turns their gigs into something more than just another concert. Placebo’s first ever performance in Moscow took place at Gorky Park’s Green Theatre … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Svoy Subbotnik / Moscow / Gorky Park / 05.07.2014

When meeting in the same place at the same time to listen to some really good live music becomes an annual tradition, one can only be happy about it. Subbotnik was held in Moscow in July 2013 for the first time and proved a huge success: stunning line-up with Foals, Hurts and Arctic Monkeys starring … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Foals @ Stadium Live / Moscow /11.06.2014

  Imagine divine, full of tranquility music with occasional massive boom moments showing its most crepuscular side when performed live. Makes a stunning transformation, doesn’t it? This is exactly what happens when Foals bring their songs into concert environments. Tinkling, out-of-this-world melodies turn into loud, explosive beasts driving world audiences insane. After stealing the show … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Biffy Clyro @ GlavClub / Moscow / 23.05.2014

There are those gigs which you dream of seeing, which have become legendary and which are awarded the honourable title of ‘the best gig of my life’ by those of your friends who have been lucky enough to witness the grandness. Biffy Clyro are already a legend of contemporary music scene. Having taken about twenty … Continue reading

Concert stories /// White Lies @ Ray Just Arena / Moscow / 16.05.2014

What favourite band have a metal fan and a pop fan got in common? Quite a strange thing to do – to try and look for similarities in the tastes of such different parties, you might think. However, in the light of the band in question it can be not so weird after all. I’m … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Stiff Little Fingers @ Phoenix, Exeter /// 31.03.2014

Photos and review by Hannah O’Brien From their inception into the punk world in 1977, Stiff Little Fingers have been a force to be reckoned with. In 2014 SLF released their 10th studio album titled ‘No Going Back’. The crowd eagerly awaited the arrival of the band on stage, SLF began their diverse set with … Continue reading