Featured theatre performance /// The Crucible @ The Old Vic

Putting your own troubles to paper and spitting the venom of offence into creating has always been one of the best ways of therapy as well as a source of inspiration for a lot of great works of art. Arthur Miller, who witnessed US government blacklisting communists, did exactly that and thus created one of … Continue reading

Theatre night out /// We Will Rock You @ Dominion Theatre /// London /// 12.08.2013

When songs from the past are still relevant in the present and, moreover, create the buzz not less than upon their release, it does tell you a lot about the band. Queen’s songs belong to exactly this category of ever-lasting and never-getting-old songs. For years after the band released their last studio album in the … Continue reading

National Theatre Live /// People

‘P.S.T.’ equals ‘people spoil things’. I can already see your anti-social half nod frantically in agreement with the auctioneer’s (Miles Jupp) proclamation in the play ‘People’ by Alan Bennett. The vision of crowds of people becomes especially painful when you are an elderly ex-model Dorothy (Frances de La Tour) sharing your old mansion only with your … Continue reading

Theatre night out /// London /// The Phantom of the Opera

London’s West End is no doubt one of the most magnificent theatrical places in the world. It includes a cluster of theatres where dozens of shows run and the variety is so huge that one can be at a loss while deciding what to see. Having only a limited amount of time in London, I decided to … Continue reading