Top 5 Songs Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien

If you didn’t know it before, it’s time to let you know: I am a Lord of the Rings geek. I’m using the Lord of the Rings reference here quite vaguely though to allude to the whole universe created by J. R. R. Tolkien. In fact, of all the books available on the Arda subject my favourite one has … Continue reading

Saturday playlist /// 11.07.2015

My music taste is universally known as diverse to serious extremes. One day you can spot me at a gig being all hipster-like and enjoying good old synth pop, and another –  find me rocking out to hard-hitting alternative rock. While it’s a mystery even to me why such taste discrepancies are even legit, I … Continue reading

Friday playlist /// Discover Vol.11

Friday is a good day for new music. We at Rock Britain have cherry-picked the best tracks of this week from Wild Smiles, Suzerain, Copper Lungs, Two Weeks Running and The Blue Dawns for you. Enjoy!  

Sunday playlist /// India Mill

Who: India Mill Where: Lancashire What: Alternative rock Facebook: There’s great energy and finest retro touch, irresistible drive and catchy swinging rhythms, expressive vocals and intoxicating melodies. Hooked? Welcome to India Mill.

Saturday playlist /// The Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have started! While everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for their athletes, Rock Britain offers you to fuel your mood with some of the most famous and motivational songs that are connected with sports.

Saturday playlist /// Tom Williams and The Boat

Who: Tom Williams and The Boat Where: Tunbridge Wells What: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Classic playlist /// The Smiths

The Smiths Manchester Alternative Rock

Saturday playlist /// Smoke Fairies

Who: Smoke Fairies Where: London/Chichester What: Blues/folk Facebook:  

Saturday playlist /// Discover Vol. 10

Start the year properly with some great new music. The High Nines Rock ‘n’ roll/Alternative rock Our Fold Indie/Rock The Slow Readers Club Indie/Electronic The Hypnotic Eye Garage/Psyche/Flower Punk Tied To The Mast Alternative rock

Top 5 Bands To Watch Out For In 2014

The year 2013 presented to the world a lot of UK talents to watch out for. Apparently, 2014 promises to be similarly big with a lot of releases from the best new bands on the UK scene. Temples One of the most promising and exciting new psychedelic bands in the UK Temples are preparing to … Continue reading