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Rock Britain is run by Olga – a music writer and blogger.

For bands: if you are a UK band and want to be featured at Rock Britain, get in touch via any of the following services.




19 Responses to “Get in touch”
  1. Hey there 🙂

    Thought I’d drop by and see whats happening here..and glad I did!

    Really like your blog and what you’re doing. I love music, especially rock and metal and can really relate to a lot of what you are writing about. I also admire up and coming bands and support them when I can. It will be great to keep in touch with how you see whats going on in the music world.

    If you’re looking for subject matter, try these (look them up on youtube)
    Atlas & i
    Annotations of An Autopsy

    They are up and coming bands and play really well. AAA have toured most of Europe and a probably classed as death or thrash metal, whereas Atlas&i have only toured the UK but have played a couple of smaller festivals and have had some airplay on scuzz and kerrang..but they deserve all the publicity they can get.

    Good luck with your writing.

    • rockmelody says:

      Hey there! 🙂 Thanks a lot for your comment and your words! I appreciate all that!
      I’m really glad you liked my blog 🙂
      I checked out both bands and I was really happy with what I heard! Both of them are really interesting and I’ll definitely feature them in my blog.
      Hope you enjoy it here! It’ll be great to stay in touch 😉

  2. Musicman says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like what you’ve started here.
    British music is the best – but then I am biased!
    Keep blogging – if I find any new bands you might feature I ‘ll let you know, Olga.
    My name’s James by the way.

    • rockmelody says:

      Nice to meet you, James!
      Thanks a lot for your comment! It means a lot!
      It would be great if you could let me know when you find some cool bands to feature.
      Keep in touch.
      PS: And yeah, British music is the best 😉

  3. This blog is really a treasure box. I am so fond of British Music and here I find so many new bands and musicians – Best Bastian Lee Jones.

  4. Hey, seriously awesome blog, I absolutely love the music you’ve got here. As a fellow briton I can appreciate the patriotism 😉

  5. lucon5 says:

    I love this Blog soo much, such a well written blog. I’m always excited to hear new bands!

  6. lucon5 says:

    Such a brilliant blog, i love it sooo much. I love hearing new bands, this place is perfect!

  7. Nice one Olga.
    Am a big fan of British rock and think there are a lot of exciting bands out there right now, so the more support the merrier. (I came here via The Sea!).
    Best wishes 🙂

  8. As an old punk my interest in music goes back a long way. It’s great to see a resurgence in the UK scene as some of the new bands coming through are putting us back on the map. Bands with a cult following particularly catch my eye/ear. eg The Horrors who are both original and uncomprimising.
    On a separate subject bands that are looking to promote their gigs using digitally printed posters may benefit from the advice and tips found on our new blog. Please feel free to visit

  9. gid says:

    Hi, we’re a band aged 20-21 from Surrey, UK, recently formed originally just from 1 solo acoustic singer song writer

    The band is called ‘Following Foxes’

    thought you might be interested in a quick look at our new single ‘Almost Lost It’

    You can also find us at:

    FB –

    Twitter –

    FF Gid

  10. Sportfreunde says:

    Nice blog, linked it on the sidebar of

  11. Saxon says:

    Hey Olga. I’m back on with a new blog. Great to have the Reader back and your posts in my feed 🙂 How is it all going? Just saying “hi”. Come connect at I think you will really like what my music writer is coming up with. Cheers Saxon

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