The Mirror Trap – ‘Simulations’ [Album] 2016

The third full-length from the Dundee wonder The Mirror Trap was, for me personally, one of the most anticipated records of 2016. Having heard some of the songs last July live in Moscow, I knew that those who love really good music were in for a real treat. And a real treat ‘Simulations’ is! Packed … Continue reading

Face to face with House Above The Sun

Good music is always there to be discovered by you. November 9 saw the release of the EP which can make your autumn evenings much better and warmer as that was exactly the day when House Above The Sun presented their debut self-titled EP – a gentle, pastel, impressive four-track affair of folk rock tracks. … Continue reading

In their words /// Nishe on ‘Lose Control’

Nishe have been making waves on the UK scene for a while now. The band’s fresh, big-city sound has gained them a dedicated following and a lot of well-deserved attention. Nishe’s newest single ‘Lose Control’ boasts magnetic vibe, crisp undertones and a great deal of confidence that charm listeners. Giovanni Zappa tells Rock Britain about … Continue reading

In their words /// Damn Vandals on ‘I Hate School’

Damn Vandals rock. They’re one of those rare bands whose sound is  purely their own and whose charisma is too striking to miss it. With the new single ‘I Hate School’ just round the corner, Damn Vandals’ own Jack Kansas shares a story of how this belter of a song was born. The main storyline … Continue reading

Track by track /// Exit Black ‘Predator and Prey’ [EP] 2015

Soaring, energetic, charismatic, in-your-face… Exit Black are here to impress you, charm you and make you fall in love with their music. Here they talk about their newest EP ‘Predator & Prey’ and, I assure you, you’d better get this record. Trust me. Intro When thinking of how to arrange this EP, we were discussing … Continue reading

Face to face with Brockley Forest

There’s character, guts and charisma in everything that comes from Brockley Forest. Did you want the band who don’t conform, but challenge you as well as provide your ears with massive music pleasure? You’ve found them! Rock Britain chatted to Brockley Forest about their newest EP, gigs and storing music for future generations. – Congrats … Continue reading

Getting to know /// The Draynes

The Draynes’ music is incredibly explosive, intense, passionate and tight – proper rock ‘n’ roll in everything. When you hear them first you might think that it takes an at least four-strong band to make this amount of quality noise, but there are in fact only two people responsible for the great, powerful sounds. Meet … Continue reading

In their words /// Glass Tides on ‘Black Knight Satellite’ [Single] 2015

The actual black knight satellite is an apocryphal tale of sorts. There is believed to be a satellite that has an unusual orbit around the earth (west to east from pole to pole), sends out signals that were supposedly recorded by Tesla and was photographed 4 years before the first man made satellite was sent … Continue reading

Featured album /// Frank Turner ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’ (2015)

Rebellion against the world can be expressed in calm terms without overusing an f-word and screaming obscenities out loud. It can be clever, witty and determined and as nowadays it’s rebellious even to enjoy your life a lot and be happy, then let’s rise together with Frank Turner. The magnificent singer-songwriter has always been known … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Some Kind Of Illness

So beautiful that you instantly fall in love and so heartbreaking that it hurts – that’s the music Some Kind Of Illness make. Their debut, self-titled album is full of ambient melodies, striking instrumentation and hypnotising vocals. In the time when so many bands try to be as loud and brash as possible, Some Kind Of … Continue reading