The Virginmarys – ‘Divides’ [Album] 2016

The Virginmarys are among those bands that keep the music scene exciting and, above all, rock ‘n’ roll – alive. The Macclesfield trio know how to make music with attitude and, going by what feels right, The Virginmarys produce something truly extraordinary. The band’s sophomore record ‘Divides’ is definitely amongst the most stunning releases of 2016. … Continue reading

Drifting Sun – ‘Safe Asylum’ [Album] 2016

Drifting Sun are known for the music crafted with precision, attention to details and a refined taste for beauty. The band’s newest record ‘Safe Asylum’ has all these qualities, and a lot more. ‘Safe Asylum’ is full of surprises and breathtaking moments of enchanting beauty. The record is a classical grower – you need time … Continue reading

The Mirror Trap – ‘Simulations’ [Album] 2016

The third full-length from the Dundee wonder The Mirror Trap was, for me personally, one of the most anticipated records of 2016. Having heard some of the songs last July live in Moscow, I knew that those who love really good music were in for a real treat. And a real treat ‘Simulations’ is! Packed … Continue reading

Featured album /// Frank Turner ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’ (2015)

Rebellion against the world can be expressed in calm terms without overusing an f-word and screaming obscenities out loud. It can be clever, witty and determined and as nowadays it’s rebellious even to enjoy your life a lot and be happy, then let’s rise together with Frank Turner. The magnificent singer-songwriter has always been known … Continue reading

Featured album /// The Vaccines ‘English Graffiti’ [LP] 2015

How many albums that pour their passion and fun on listeners in overly generous doses do you have in your collection? Not so many, I guess, as while there are a lot of truly great records, not all of them pursue the goal to be fun and spontaneous. When The Vaccines embarked on writing their third album, they wanted to … Continue reading

Featured Album /// The Horrors ‘Luminous’ 2014

The Horrors are the band who, despite their star status, still take somewhat of a backseat role on the UK music scene. Whether this is a deliberate decision or just a coincidence hardly matters already as this status has hugely to do with The Horrors’ ethics of music making. Huge shifts in sound from album … Continue reading

Featured album /// Damn Vandals ‘Rocket Out Of London’ [2014]

Do you lack fun and excitement in your music life? Tut-tut! However, it’s not late to alter this highly unfavourable course of events. Rock Britain has the album offer for you to bridge this gap in your music collection. London-based Damn Vandals’ sophomore album ‘Rocket Out Of London’ that is. Damn Vandals’ debut offering ‘Done … Continue reading

Featured album /// Bombay Bicycle Club ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ 2014

We all love bands versatile and able to surprise us with their music finds. London indie outfit Bombay Bicycle Club are exactly this kind of band. Having four albums under their belts, the band never rest on their laurels and never fail to surprise. If you still haven’t been bitten by the Bombay Bicycle Club … Continue reading

Featured album /// The Mirror Trap ‘Stay Young’ 2014

Nowadays in order to stand out bands mix a lot of music ideas in their sound, but not all succeed in doing it properly. Scottish outfit The Mirror Trap have a particular know-how for embracing a lot of inspirations and turning them all into something so truly special, that you’ll have not much choice other … Continue reading

Featured album /// Canterbury ‘Dark Days’ 2014

Surrey-based outfit Canterbury have been around since 2005 and since day one the musicians have been making quality, unique rock music. This collective follow no tendencies and fashions as they keep to their own perception of music which has found response in the hearts of a great number of music lovers. DIY ethics have always … Continue reading