Premiere /// Glue – Balloon [Video]

Glue premiere their new video for ‘Balloon’ with Rock Britain! Advertisements

Glue – ‘Balloon’ [EP] 2016

Having risen out of its former incarnation Projected Images, Glue was born after a line-up change – the kind of change which proves crucial and brings a fresh start to the tried and tested ways. December 2015 saw the band launching properly and presenting their debut single ‘Peace For Now’. This summer will be marked by the release of Glue’s … Continue reading

Face to face with Drifting Sun

Gorgeous piano, breathtaking instrumentation, rock backbone and passionate, emotional vocals build the essence of Drifting Sun’s unmissable sound. It’s beautiful as well as atmospheric and impressive. The band released their latest album ‘Trip the Life Fantastic’ in January 2015 and are now preparing more music enjoyment for your ears. Want to learn more? Then have … Continue reading

Featured album /// The Mirror Trap ‘Silent Men’ [EP] 2015

The Mirror Trap have this rare sound that sends shivers of excitement down your spine and makes you feel ecstatic to the point of being completely overwhelmed with emotions. Each of their releases is an ultimate music experience of its own that can’t fail to impress you. The Mirror Trap’s newest EP ‘Silent Men’ is a … Continue reading

Face to face with The Relays

  Tunes with a great vibe and absolutely disarming atmosphere from The Relays will be ideal to soundtrack your summer and, fair enough, other seasons too. Rock Britain chats to the guys about their latest music, festivals and summer songs. – How have you been lately and what have you been up to? – Very … Continue reading

Special albums /// Queen ‘Innuendo’

Music has the habit of flowing into people’s lives and changing them irrevocable, in case you allow it to of course. But when it happens, it does so incredibly smoothly and naturally that you don’t even notice when you wake up a different person. Today I can easily call Queen one of the most important … Continue reading

The history of one song /// Queen ‘I Want To Break Free’

Queen have always been famous for their sophisticated, extravagant music with multiple layers, swift transformations and bright arrangements. This band’s credo was to be always noticed and they could stand no other place other than the first: Queen’s truly grand, inimitable sound was their signature and identity, the core of their life. However, sometimes the … Continue reading

Featured album /// Canterbury ‘Dark Days’ 2014

Surrey-based outfit Canterbury have been around since 2005 and since day one the musicians have been making quality, unique rock music. This collective follow no tendencies and fashions as they keep to their own perception of music which has found response in the hearts of a great number of music lovers. DIY ethics have always … Continue reading

Face to face with Army Of One

There are bands whose music gets straight into your veins the moment you hear it and stays there for days on end. Army Of One have so far revealed their debut single ‘Outside The Box/Inside The Ring’ only, but it was enough to stir quite a lot of quality noise around the Internet. With plans … Continue reading

Face to face with The Sea

Rock ‘n’ roll duo The Sea consisting of brothers Alex and Peter are the embodiment of courage and talent. Their rock ‘n’ roll is loud and edgy and their life story is utterly inspirational. The year 2013 has been big and mighty for the duo with the release of their EP ‘High On…’ and loads … Continue reading