Muse @ Olimpiiski, Moscow; 21.06.2016

Being a renowned band in what comes to concerts, Muse are a wonder to experience live. Their massive Drones Tour span numerous countries and months of playing shows to amazed auduences all over the world. June 21 saw the tour coming to its final stop in Moscow. With their show boasting various visual effects and beautiful … Continue reading

The Mirror Trap @ 16 Tons, Moscow; 01.06.2016

Intimate gigs are special. And when such shows are performed by a very special band, the event becomes twice as impressive. While The Mirror Trap are conquering more and more people all over the globe, it’s a tremendous pleasure to have a chance to watch them play small venues. On the first day of the … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Kasabian/Marmozets @ Stadium Live, Moscow /// 15.07.2015

Kasabian once said that rock ‘n’ roll should be fun. That’s exactly what their shows are: bucketfuls of fun. A ticket to a Kasabian gig is a pass to the ultimate have-a-great-time universe. When these musicians play live, it equals throwing a huge, wild party where everyone loving their music is invited. There are no … Continue reading

Concert stories /// Stiff Little Fingers @ Phoenix, Exeter /// 31.03.2014

Photos and review by Hannah O’Brien From their inception into the punk world in 1977, Stiff Little Fingers have been a force to be reckoned with. In 2014 SLF released their 10th studio album titled ‘No Going Back’. The crowd eagerly awaited the arrival of the band on stage, SLF began their diverse set with … Continue reading