Muse @ Olimpiiski, Moscow; 21.06.2016

Being a renowned band in what comes to concerts, Muse are a wonder to experience live. Their massive Drones Tour span numerous countries and months of playing shows to amazed auduences all over the world. June 21 saw the tour coming to its final stop in Moscow. With their show boasting various visual effects and beautiful … Continue reading

Take It As Gospel – ‘Sober’ [Single] 2016

Championing DIY ethics, Take It As Gospel mark their appearance on the stage with the debut single ‘Sober’. The song takes listeners on a roller-coaster ride over sharp chords, mighty bass lines and steep rise-and-fall music landscape following sharp turns at full speed. It’s bold and daring, with angelic turning devilish in a matter of … Continue reading

Face to face with House Above The Sun

Good music is always there to be discovered by you. November 9 saw the release of the EP which can make your autumn evenings much better and warmer as that was exactly the day when House Above The Sun presented their debut self-titled EP – a gentle, pastel, impressive four-track affair of folk rock tracks. … Continue reading

Face to face with Brockley Forest

There’s character, guts and charisma in everything that comes from Brockley Forest. Did you want the band who don’t conform, but challenge you as well as provide your ears with massive music pleasure? You’ve found them! Rock Britain chatted to Brockley Forest about their newest EP, gigs and storing music for future generations. – Congrats … Continue reading

In their words /// Glass Tides on ‘Black Knight Satellite’ [Single] 2015

The actual black knight satellite is an apocryphal tale of sorts. There is believed to be a satellite that has an unusual orbit around the earth (west to east from pole to pole), sends out signals that were supposedly recorded by Tesla and was photographed 4 years before the first man made satellite was sent … Continue reading

Featured band /// The Rogue Network

Bands who refuse to be pigeonholed are the heroes of the contemporary underground. While aiming at being different, these musicians have to work extra hard to get themselves heard. However, the listeners who discover such gems are usually well rewarded with really good music and an utter listening pleasure. The Rogue Network are yet a … Continue reading

Featured band /// Black Sonic Revolver

Black Sonic Revolver are a rare breed of bands. First and foremost, they make mint music. It’s passionate, heart-felt, sincere and has mind-blowing guitars that go straight into your heart. Once you hear their tunes, they’ll stay with you forever. Black Sonic Revolver’s debut self-titled album came out in December 2014. This record is an instant crush … Continue reading

Face to face with Drifting Sun

Gorgeous piano, breathtaking instrumentation, rock backbone and passionate, emotional vocals build the essence of Drifting Sun’s unmissable sound. It’s beautiful as well as atmospheric and impressive. The band released their latest album ‘Trip the Life Fantastic’ in January 2015 and are now preparing more music enjoyment for your ears. Want to learn more? Then have … Continue reading

In their words /// Vienna Ditto on ‘Long Way Down’

Roaring guitars, out-of-this-world electronica and soulful female vocals…  What else can you possibly ask for from a superb song? Vienna Ditto give you all of these and even more in their single ‘Long Way Down’. Read on to Hatty Taylor’s story on the song’s birth, give it a spin and get carried away to another … Continue reading

Featured album /// The Vaccines ‘English Graffiti’ [LP] 2015

How many albums that pour their passion and fun on listeners in overly generous doses do you have in your collection? Not so many, I guess, as while there are a lot of truly great records, not all of them pursue the goal to be fun and spontaneous. When The Vaccines embarked on writing their third album, they wanted to … Continue reading