Saturday playlist /// Discover Vol.9

Loud, sexy and irresistible in its power, the music these gentlemen make will make your Saturday loud and groundshaking. Advertisements

Video of the day /// High Hopes ‘The Balance’

News digest /// 15th – 21st July

PaperPlane Announce EP Details PaperPlane have announced the details of their highly anticipated EP ‘Rebuild’: the record will be released on 12th August. The tracklist is as follows: 1. Strings Like Ribbons 2. Live Her 3. All With Rivers 4. Chariot 5. Rose On the EP, which was recorded in Stockholm, PaperPlane are capturing inimitable, … Continue reading

Getting to know /// Giants

“To be or not to be…”. This eternal question has been stirring the minds of generations for ages. One day in 2009 five lads in Essex decided: ‘to be’ and that decision was the beginning of Giants. Born out of love of music, skateboarding and all-or-nothing approach, Giants have chosen ultimate DIY ethics to carve … Continue reading

Featured EP /// Bright Side ‘Face The Unknown’ 2013

Scottish melodic hardcore newcomers Bright Side are all about great vigour in music. On their demo EP ‘Face The Unknown’ thunderous, raging melodies clash with melodious, ambient tones, which, unpolished by punkish air, produce the mixture similar to a blast – fiery and edgy. Shameless zest all over the EP is spilt on listeners to … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// I’ll Stay In Memphis ‘Faultline’ [EP] 2012

Try being a post-hardcore act today. On the one hand it can be ridiculously easy with so many fine examples right in front of you, but on the other, how not to turn into a grey mass in the genre with such tight a competition? I’ll Stay In Memphis stick to the golden middle of … Continue reading