Muse @ Olimpiiski, Moscow; 21.06.2016

Being a renowned band in what comes to concerts, Muse are a wonder to experience live. Their massive Drones Tour span numerous countries and months of playing shows to amazed auduences all over the world. June 21 saw the tour coming to its final stop in Moscow. With their show boasting various visual effects and beautiful … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// Muse ‘Drones’ [Album] 2015

Sci-fi virtuosi Muse are in the pantheon of those great bands whose every record is a big event in the world of music. These musicians are not scared to tread unfamiliar sonic territories but at the same time they manage to stay true to themselves and their trademark sound. When Muse’s seventh record was underway, … Continue reading

Saturday playlist /// The Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have started! While everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for their athletes, Rock Britain offers you to fuel your mood with some of the most famous and motivational songs that are connected with sports.

Top 5 Songs Played At Ice Hockey Matches Vol. 3

Good old classic rock tunes are usually well mixed with contemporary bangers at all ice hockey games. This unconventional mix – emotional, passionate, hitting hard and right in your face will provide a perfect soundtrack for your ice hockey experience.

Video of the day /// Muse ‘Uprising’ (Live)

Band of the week /// Muse

When in need to cite the best rock band of our times, the name of Muse is amongst the first ones to spring to mind. The English trio offer space-size alternative rock, stunning live performances equalling to alternative universe and have constant desire to carry out experiments most don’t even dare to think of. That’s … Continue reading

History of one song /// Muse ‘Knights Of Cydonia’

The closing track ‘Knights Of Cydonia’ from Muse’s renowned album ‘Black Holes And Revelations’ (2006) is a majestic, multi-layered piece of music with hidden meanings and absolutely fabulous instrumentation. Not only is it a great piece to close a great album, but also a very different track from the rest of the songs on ‘Black … Continue reading

Top 5 Songs To Begin Your Day With

Morning is a crucial part of a day. While some take great pleasure in mornings and love getting up early, others are allergic to this part of day and struggle till it’s midday. However, it’s in our hands to make our mornings as pleasant as possible. Just rely on these five songs, which are ideal … Continue reading

Saturday playlist /// Muse

Muse are the icons of modern music. Always breaking stereotypes and enlarging the borders of their creative work, not accepting any limits and continually surprising audiences with new experiments: these are Muse and that’s why absolutely titanic audiences love them. Welcome to the world of legends of our times.

Saturday playlist /// Reach Out Vol. 1