The Virginmarys – ‘Divides’ [Album] 2016

The Virginmarys are among those bands that keep the music scene exciting and, above all, rock ‘n’ roll – alive. The Macclesfield trio know how to make music with attitude and, going by what feels right, The Virginmarys produce something truly extraordinary. The band’s sophomore record ‘Divides’ is definitely amongst the most stunning releases of 2016. … Continue reading

Saturday playlist /// Reach Out Vol. 1

Independent outlook /// Stereophonics ‘Graffiti On The Train’ [Album] 2013

Over the course of their long career Stereophonics have already become the symbol of UK, and particularly Welsh, music scene. Nevertheless the band never get old, out of place or boring. It seems that these Welsh lads are simply unable of making dull music and that’s why their records stand the test of time: people’s … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// Elephantis ‘State Of Mind’ [EP] 2012

It’s no secret that UK hardcore underground scene is in a very good state at the moment. With the expansion and rapid development of the genre, bands are inventing more and more interesting twists to the classical hardcore sound to stand out. Guildford melodic hardcore outfit Elephantis have chosen the way of thunderous melodies and … Continue reading

Wednesday playlist /// Discover Vol. 1

Face to face with Damn Vandals.

Damn Vandals are causing some considerable stir on the UK scene at the moment with real, zealous rock ‘n’ roll performed with talent and vivid instrumentation. The release of their debut album ‘Done For Desire’ propelled the rockers to the radar of public eye and, in fact, it’s high time wider audiences discovered Damn Vandals. … Continue reading

Featured song /// Matadors ‘Speaking In Silence’

If you didn’t know it yet, Matadors are plotting and scheming their massive invasion at the very exact time you’re reading these lines. After relocating to Nottingham, the band have been busy writing new songs and even though it might be a while before any of these get released, you’d better be prepared now. Throwing catchy choruses … Continue reading

Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘In Death’

Today is the final part of track by track guidance through ‘Old Bones’ by Ursa Major and we’re closing in with the final track ‘In Death’. Track 8 – ‘In Death’ ‘In Death’ explodes as the final firework of ‘Old Bones’ with triple energy and potentially sweeping vibe. The band put all their forces in … Continue reading

Band of the week /// Hurts

Rising quickly from local heroes to world music sensation, Manchester duo Hurts comprising Theo Hutchcraft on vocals and Adam Anderson on synth/guitar can fully attribute their great success to their very own hard work leading to a brief arrival of Lady Luck and standing out considerably in the world of pop music. The musicians make … Continue reading

Track by track /// Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ /// ‘Clipped Wings’

Majestic and vulnerable, this is ‘Clipped Wings’ – the only ballad on ‘Old Bones’. Track 7 – ‘Clipped Wings’ ‘Clipped Wings’ strikes at once with crispy and stripped back overture, leading to a similarly stripped back first part of the track, which then grows into a full-band mode easily transforming from a lonely and lost … Continue reading