Glue – ‘Balloon’ [EP] 2016

Having risen out of its former incarnation Projected Images, Glue was born after a line-up change – the kind of change which proves crucial and brings a fresh start to the tried and tested ways. December 2015 saw the band launching properly and presenting their debut single ‘Peace For Now’. This summer will be marked by the release of Glue’s … Continue reading

Take It As Gospel – ‘Sober’ [Single] 2016

Championing DIY ethics, Take It As Gospel mark their appearance on the stage with the debut single ‘Sober’. The song takes listeners on a roller-coaster ride over sharp chords, mighty bass lines and steep rise-and-fall music landscape following sharp turns at full speed. It’s bold and daring, with angelic turning devilish in a matter of … Continue reading

The Mirror Trap – ‘Simulations’ [Album] 2016

The third full-length from the Dundee wonder The Mirror Trap was, for me personally, one of the most anticipated records of 2016. Having heard some of the songs last July live in Moscow, I knew that those who love really good music were in for a real treat. And a real treat ‘Simulations’ is! Packed … Continue reading

In their words /// Glass Tides on ‘Black Knight Satellite’ [Single] 2015

The actual black knight satellite is an apocryphal tale of sorts. There is believed to be a satellite that has an unusual orbit around the earth (west to east from pole to pole), sends out signals that were supposedly recorded by Tesla and was photographed 4 years before the first man made satellite was sent … Continue reading

Face to face with Mark Mathews

Emotional, very sincere and absolutely charming – this is the music London-based singer/songwriter Mark Mathews makes. Boasting a very interesting cultural background and having travelled a lot in his life for the ultimate experience, Mark cuts a striking performer indeed. But wait, let him tell you all about it… – Your single London Lives is out. … Continue reading

Band of the week /// Echotape

Do you want some mesmerising music packed with intense emotions that will send chills of excitement down your spine? Say hello to Echotape then – the band who write exactly this kind of music. Echotape started in 2011 out of a mutual passion of several friends to be creative. Now, with a terrific debut album … Continue reading

Independent outlook /// The Diamond Noise ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ [EP] 2013

If you think that rock ‘n’ roll is dead, think twice. Or better give a listen to the London-based The Diamond Noise’s EP ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ and hear for yourself: rock ‘n’ roll is as alive and kicking on this indeed diamond EP as it has never been.

Band of the week /// Whales In Cubicles

After living for some time in America and soaking in numerous influences from American bands, Stef (vocals/guitar) moved to London and started Whales In Cubicles with Alex (guitar) and Jamie (bass) and it was the beginning of a great band with attitude. Whales started progressing and immediately drew public attention to their charisma and talent. … Continue reading

Face to face with Dolomite Minor

If you like your music sleek, with dirty riffs and dark, intense sexuality that will send continuous chills down your spine, welcome to the world of Dolomite Minor. A two-piece, who have played small venues around the UK alongside Reading & Leeds and T In The Park to meet equally enthusiastic response, are well on … Continue reading

Face to face with New Killer Shoes

Birmingham lot New Killer Shoes have unleashed a very special treat for their devotees: an acoustic album ‘I Ain’t Even Plugged In’ which is the stripped back version of their record ‘I Ain’t Even Lyin’‘ with the addition of two brand-new tracks. Acoustic rock ‘n’ roll courtesy of New Killer Shoes is an intense and … Continue reading