The Virginmarys – ‘Divides’ [Album] 2016

The Virginmarys are among those bands that keep the music scene exciting and, above all, rock ‘n’ roll – alive. The Macclesfield trio know how to make music with attitude and, going by what feels right, The Virginmarys produce something truly extraordinary. The band’s sophomore record ‘Divides’ is definitely amongst the most stunning releases of 2016. … Continue reading

Drifting Sun – ‘Safe Asylum’ [Album] 2016

Drifting Sun are known for the music crafted with precision, attention to details and a refined taste for beauty. The band’s newest record ‘Safe Asylum’ has all these qualities, and a lot more. ‘Safe Asylum’ is full of surprises and breathtaking moments of enchanting beauty. The record is a classical grower – you need time … Continue reading

Face to face with Algernon Doll

Ewan Grant is the main man behind Algernon Doll. With two properly eclectic albums under his belt, on his third effort ‘Omphalic’ Ewan pushes the limits even further. True, due to his great talent he belongs to the breed of musicians who can never fear becoming complacent. Rock Britain chats to Ewan about ‘Omphalic’, more new … Continue reading