Reptile – ‘Echoes of Twins’ [Single] 2016

Autumn is a beautiful time of year with a tint of nostalgia that makes us snuggle by a fireplace with a book or some good music to soundtrack long dark evenings. London-based band Reptile have made a great contribution to autumn’s unique atmosphere by releasing their single ‘Echoes of Twins’. It’ll get under your skin, touch … Continue reading

Drifting Sun – ‘Safe Asylum’ [Album] 2016

Drifting Sun are known for the music crafted with precision, attention to details and a refined taste for beauty. The band’s newest record ‘Safe Asylum’ has all these qualities, and a lot more. ‘Safe Asylum’ is full of surprises and breathtaking moments of enchanting beauty. The record is a classical grower – you need time … Continue reading

Premiere /// Glue – Balloon [Video]

Glue premiere their new video for ‘Balloon’ with Rock Britain!

Glue – ‘Balloon’ [EP] 2016

Having risen out of its former incarnation Projected Images, Glue was born after a line-up change – the kind of change which proves crucial and brings a fresh start to the tried and tested ways. December 2015 saw the band launching properly and presenting their debut single ‘Peace For Now’. This summer will be marked by the release of Glue’s … Continue reading

Reptile – ‘Confused’ [Single] 2016

Since their formation in 2014, London-based Reptile have been touring relentlessly and gaining more and more listeners into their loyal following. The same year the band released their debut EP ‘Something and Nothing EP’ which presented the musicians able to mix various genres fluently and talk about a wide range of topics. Come 2016 and Reptile … Continue reading

Take It As Gospel – ‘Sober’ [Single] 2016

Championing DIY ethics, Take It As Gospel mark their appearance on the stage with the debut single ‘Sober’. The song takes listeners on a roller-coaster ride over sharp chords, mighty bass lines and steep rise-and-fall music landscape following sharp turns at full speed. It’s bold and daring, with angelic turning devilish in a matter of … Continue reading

In their words /// Damn Vandals on ‘I Hate School’

Damn Vandals rock. They’re one of those rare bands whose sound is  purely their own and whose charisma is too striking to miss it. With the new single ‘I Hate School’ just round the corner, Damn Vandals’ own Jack Kansas shares a story of how this belter of a song was born. The main storyline … Continue reading

Featured EP /// Quiet As A Mouse ‘Memorybox’ 2015

Having started out in 2012, Scottish outfit Quiet As A Mouse have already gained some serious love from music fans and media alike. They make exquisite tunes with a sharp edge, which is free from any kind of arrogance many indie bands so unfortunately display in their sound. QAAM’s debut EP ‘British Flag’ was released in … Continue reading

In their words /// Against Habit on ‘Complicated Date’

Against Habit offer an impressive music experience with their debut single ‘Complicated Date’. Sinister synth pop arrangements with angelic female vocals will be enough to send your head spinning. Here’s their story. It takes a whole lot of strength to keep pushing. We’ve been at this for almost 3 years and we would be totally … Continue reading

Face to face with The Spitfires

Their sound is gripping and they have a lot to say. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up to The Spitfires. Championing mod culture ethics and putting the main focus on meaning above all, they are the band music needs. August 21 will see the release of The Spitfires’ debut album ‘Response’, which is no doubt … Continue reading